The Great Pomegranate Experiment (Part 1)

While my avocado trees cling to life in the garage, I decided to start another experiment inside. Last year, we decided to try planting a pomegranate tree in our yard. Unfortunately, it didn’t survive. Being a family of pomegranate lovers, we seem to always have some store-bought ones in the house throughout the fall. I decided to take a small handful of seeds and put them in a pot to see what would happen.

After a couple of weeks, I began to see a sprout. It died. Then I saw another. It too died. But then I saw a third, and it seems to be doing pretty well in its pot stealing some grow light from the adjacent aero garden.

According to what I have read, pomegranate plants CAN survive outside in areas with mild winters. My plan is to let this little guy get as big as I can inside and then make the transition to the yard later on. Time will tell.


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