The Great Pomegranate Experiment (Part 1)

While my avocado trees cling to life in the garage, I decided to start another experiment inside. Last year, we decided to try planting a pomegranate tree in our yard. Unfortunately, it didn’t survive. Being a family of pomegranate lovers, we seem to always have some store-bought ones in the house throughout the fall. I decided to take a small handful of seeds and put them in a pot to see what would happen.

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The Great Avocado Experiment (Part 3)

While I have been neglecting the posting of updates on my two avocado plants, I have not been neglecting the plants themselves.  They have grown quite a bit; the larger tree is about 12″ tall and the other is about 9″ in height.  Since posting Part 2 of my experiment, I have planted the two growing trees each in their own pot.  I reused a couple of small ceramic pots that we had laying around the house —  about 8″ to 10″ in height and about 6″ to 8″ in diameter.  During the warm Atlanta summer months, they flourished outside on our deck in 3/4 sunlight, but over the past couple of weeks we had our first frost.  I first moved the plants to the garage as to not shock them with the temperature change.  Currently, they are living on the desk in my office which gets a small amount of direct morning sunlight.  More details after the break.

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The Great Avocado Experiment (Part 2)

It’s been over a month since I started to root my avocado seeds.  As you can see in the photo above, the roots for my more mature seed are about 4 to 5 inches long.  The stem has also begun to sprout and is just past the surface of the seed.  I’ve been noticing them drinking a lot more water, requiring a fresh bowl every couple of days.  It will still be a while before transplanting to a normal pot — at this rate, about another month or two.  Stay tuned.

The Great Avocado Experiment (Part 1)

On my relatively short list of interests, you are unlikely to find anything relating to a green thumb.  In my life as a bachelor consultant nurturing greenery was just not on my radar.  Meeting my wife has introduced me to the world of gardening.  Even with my new found respect for this hobby, I am not an avid participant.  But once I discovered that you could easily sprout an actual avocado tree from the pit that I so often discard I decided that I would try to do this myself.  Learn more after the break.

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