Announcing: DaftCraft Minecraft Bedrock Server

Minecraft has become a staple in our household. Following the release of a free Bedrock Server by the developer, Mojang, I decided to stand one up and see how it goes. For more information or for information on joining the community, check out this page.

What I Use: On My Website…

I’ve been working on several SAP articles — including an ‘Ask Me Anything’ on packing proposals and a series on Backorders — but I wanted to share a few details about what I use to run my website.  Read on for details on hosting, WordPress, and plugins.

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OneNote Publisher: Import from OneNote to WordPress Posts, Pages

I have used WordPress for years to manage the content and layout for my websites. Out of the box, it is extremely feature rich and its extensibility through the use of third party plugins allows it to accomplish almost anything you could ask for. But it’s not perfect; one of the main limitations I’ve struggled with is the inability to develop content while on the go. The mobile web interface on my Windows Phone is clunky and unpredictable. Third party apps offer some alternatives, but don’t allow for offline use. When I heard that Microsoft had developed a plug-in designed to import content from OneNote, I was excited to try it out. Read on for my impressions.

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Nerd Humor: USB Envy.

In its infinite wisdom, Apple decided to omit a full size USB port from their new MacBook Airs. This resulted in the gentleman sitting two chairs to my left charging his iPhone off his colleague’s Microsoft Surface Pro 3.  Beautiful.


IE 11: Pin a Website as a Live Tile to Your Start Screen

The developer preview release of Windows Phone 8.1 this week brings along with it Internet Explorer 11.  IE 11 has been a fixture on Windows 8.1 for quite a while, and it’s good to see Microsoft continuing efforts to expand integration between its platforms. One such feature of IE 11 which I am glad to see brought to Windows Phone 8.1 is the ability to pin websites to the start screen as an RSS-driven Live Tile.  Read on to learn what the capabilities are and how to implement them on your own website.

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Meet my new app: SAP SD Reference Guide for WP8

Announcing one of the latest additions to the Windows Phone Store: the SAP SD Reference Guide. This is an app that I made using the App Studio (detailed on my blog here). As of this afternoon, my app officially gained certification and is now available in the Windows Phone Store. For more information, please visit my Apps page.

Windows Phone 8: Microsoft App Studio Impressions

In an effort to bolster its volume of Windows Phone 8 apps, Microsoft has introduced a web-based front end to help prospective app developers fasttrack their application development.  The Windows Phone App Studio offers beginners a selection of templates to hit the ground running.  Slightly more experienced users can start from a (nearly) blank slate.  Point-and-click setup allows you to link your application with several pre-defined data sources like HTML5, static content, streaming web content, RSS feeds, and Bing content.  Application design is as easy as selecting a color pallet and background images from either a selection of delivered options or your own images from your local system or SkyDrive.  In the rest of this article, I’ll introduce some of the features and provide some of my impressions.

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Plex Media Server, Thecus N4200, and Windows Phone 8

I never thought I would be called “old fashioned” — at least, not THIS soon — but that’s pretty much what happened.  In a time when a small monthly fee can get you access to stream countless audio files with Spotify and the like, I suppose it could seem a bit old fashioned to have an extensive MP3 library sitting in your living room.  My old fashioned-ness seems especially egregious considering that my phone, a Nokia 920, is limited to just 32 gigs of data. I can only enjoy a small fraction of that library when I am on the go.  But the Plex Media Server is putting an end to all that by creating my own personal media cloud.

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In Defense of Microsoft’s Surface Pro 2

The first round of reviews for the Surface Pro 2 are now in circulation.  Not surprisingly, most reviewers seem to have taken the rinse-and-repeat approach when performing their evaluations.  After all, the 2nd iteration is an incremental one which, of course, leaves the device open to many of the same criticisms it received during the first go-round.  But which of these criticisms REALLY hold water against normal use?

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How Apple Can Win The Enterprise

‘The early bird gets the worm,” according to the old proverb.  Fortunately for Apple, this applies well to the current offering of SAP mobility options.  As an SAP consultant, I have been witness to (and facilitated) a number of SAP mobility demos — ALL of which have featured Apple iOS devices.  As the company which first made tablets attractive to the enterprise, this honor is well deserved.  But seeing this trend got me to thinking…  With the past proliferation of Microsoft as the enterprise toolset of choice, how did this come to be?

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