SAP SD Reference Guide: Tables

For any SAP consultant or power user, a good understanding of the SAP database table structure and underlying relationship is valuable.  When looking for documents, I often find myself navigating to SE16n to review table contents rather than other list transactions.  These also come in handy when constructing SQVI queries:

Hey, now that you have found your tables, check out my article on how to be an expert table browser using SE16N.

KNMTCust-Mat’l InforecordMaster DataCustomer-Material Inforecord information.  Customer Material Numbers, descriptions, UoM’s, etc.
KNA1Customer Master (General)CustomerGeneral customer information including address
KNVVCustomer Master (Sales)CustomerCustomer master sales information by Sales Area.
KNA1VVCustomer Master (General/Sales)CustomerThis is a convenient joined table containing both General and Sales information.
LIKPSD Document: Delivery Header DataDeliveryDelivery header data
LIPSSD document: Delivery: Item dataDeliveryDelivery item data
MARAGeneral Material DataMaterial MasterMaterial Master general data (Basic Data views)
MARCPlant data for materialMaterial MasterMaterial Master plant data
MVKESales data for materialMaterial MasterMaterial Master Sales data (Sales Org 1, 2 and others)
VBAKSales Document: HeaderSales DocumentsSales Document header data
VBAPSales Document: ItemSales DocumentsSales Document line item data
VBEHSchedule Line HistorySales DocumentsSales Document Schedule Line history
VBEPSales Doc: Schedule LinesSales DocumentsSales Document Schedule Line data
VBFASales Document FlowSales DocumentsDocument flow table – you can search for preceding and subsequent documents.  Document category is a handy filtering tool for large flows.
VBKDSales Document: Business DataSales DocumentsAdditional Sales Document header values such as incoterms and PO information
VBPASales Document: PartnerGeneralSales Document Partner assignments
VBRKBill. Doc: Header DataBilling DocumentsBilling Document Header data
VBRPBill. Doc: Item DataBilling DocumentsBilling Document Item data
VBUKSales Doc: Header StatusGeneralSales Document Header Status – Helpful for troubleshooting billing and completion issues.
VBUPSales Doc: Item StatusGeneralSales Document Item Status – Helpful for troubleshooting billing and completion issues.
MARDStorage Location Data for MaterialInventoryInventory Levels by material, plant, and storage location.
MSKASales Order StockInventoryInventory Levels by material, plant, storage location, batch, and Sales Document / Item.
VCRSELACross Selling AnalysisCross SellingTable which stores Sales Documents used in Cross Selling Analysis (Program SDCRSL01).
VCRSELA_RESCross Selling Analysis: ResultsCross SellingTable which stores Cross-sold material pairs used during dynamic proposal of cross selling in VA01.
FPLABilling PlanBillingTable which stores Billing Plan header information along with the assignment to the SD object.
FPLTBilling Plan DatesBillingTable which stores individual Billing Plan date records.  Credit Card transactions are also stored here.

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