Project Profile: Siemens Energy & Automation

This is where my exposure to SAP began. Around 2001, Siemens began an ambitious plan to roll out SAP to several dozen North American plants. Initially, I joined the Customer Service team and took on two distinct yet related processes: Customer-Specific Repair and Refurbishment. I soon realized how much Repair work existed across the organization.

Since our release was utilizing the Siemens global template, it was my first responsibility to learn the existing processes. Next, I began interviewing the targeted locations to determine how we’ll the business process mirrored the standard one, identify gaps and work with consultants to make necessary modifications. Phased testing was then performed to confirm the business process. I then wrote and performed end-user training for the individuals who will be executing the process. Finally came go-live weekend where we ushered the users into the new process. After a period of support, we were on to the next location.

I implemented the Repair and Refurbishment processes for a variety of groups within the organization:

  • Several separate motor repair facilities – Cincinnati, OH; Little Rock, AR and Elk Grove Village, IL.
  • Flow Control repair and returns facility near Philadelphia, PA.
  • A warehouse in Canton, GA which processes returns.
  • Customer repair center in Alpharetta, GA.

Later on in my involvement, I joined the Sales & Distribution team and took on additional processes relating to product exchanges.