SAP SD Reference Guide: Programs

The following list contains useful programs which support various SD activities and processes.  All programs can be displayed in SE38 and the non-user exit programs can be executed there as well.  Consult with your consultant or development resource if you are inexperienced:

CategoryProgramShort NameDescription
ABAPRV80HGENActivate VOFM RoutinesAfter creating or modifying a routine or formula in transaction VOFM, you will probably need to run this program to perform the generation.
DeliveryMV50AFZ1Delivery Processing (21D)User Exit as of 21D for Delivery Processing
DeliveryMV50AFZ2Batch DeterminationUser Exit for Batch Determination
DeliveryMV50AFZ3Deliv. Processing (3.0A)User Exit Delivery Processing for 3.0A User Exits
DeliveryMV50AFZKListing, ExclusionMaterial Listing, Exclusion
DeliveryMV50AFZLDelivery GroupDelivery Group Parameter
DeliveryMV50AFZPPricing ChangePricing Change Mode
DeliveryMV50AFZZBatch DeterminationUser Exit for Batch Determination
DeliveryMV50ATZZData DefinitionData Definition for User Exit in SAPMV50A
SalesMV45AFZ4Free GoodsEnhancements to free goods functionality, as well as a few other areas.
SalesMV45AFZASubstitution, Listings/ExclusionsEnhancements to material substitutions as well as Listings and Exclusions functionality.
SalesMV45AFZBVarious FunctionsItem Deletion, Document Completion, Account Assignment, Etc.
SalesMV45AFZCRelease OrdersRelease Orders
SalesMV45AFZFAvailability, VCAvailability Check Credit, Variant Config
SalesMV45AFZZVarious FunctionsDocument Deletion, Screen Field Mods, VBAK Modifications, VBAP Modifications, VBEP Modifications, Pricing Modifications, Document Save
Sales/BillingMV61AFZAPricingBilling:  User exit for pricing
Sales/BillingMV61AFZBScreen ModificationsBilling:  User exit for screen modifications
Sales/BillingRV60SBATCreate Billing Documents in backgroundProgram used to schedule Billing Due List; use SM37.
Sales / Delivery / BillingRVV05IVBReorganization of SD Document IndicesProgram to correct/update indexes for Sales, Delivery, and Billing Documents when changes have been made to relevant configuration settings — Partner Determination, for example.
DeliveryRVDELSTARedetermination of the Status in the DeliveryProgram to update the status of billing documents after status-related configuration changes have been made.
Sales Order StatusSDVBUK00Update Sales Order StatusThis program checks for inconsistencies and redetermines system status for Sales Documents. Includes a test mode option.
Transport ManagementRDDIT076Overview of RequestsThis report shows details relating a transport request or task.  Double-clicking the transport/task and entering change mode will allow you to change various transport attributes including Request Type, Category, Source Client, Target System/Client, and Status.  Modifying the status allows you to effectively un-release a transport.

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