SAP SD Reference Guide: SAP Notes

The SAP Support Portal — a.k.a. Service Marketplace, a.k.a. Launchpad — contains a plethora of articles about various SAP errors, issues, and functions.  While a comprehensive catalog of such issues would be impossible, the listing below contains a select, curated list of Notes that I have found useful over the past few years.  Since the content of these notes is subject to change, I am not hosting any content.  Please access these notes directly from SAP’s website.

Note Title Description Area
24832 Pricing rules / TVCPF Explains the use of pricing types for manual re-pricing or automatic updates in the copy control. Pricing
80183 Rounding Explains how SAP standard arrives at a Unit Price for an SD item.  It further proposes three options for solutions which will enforce the Net Value = Unit Price * Quantity calculation. Pricing
84605 Transfer absolute amount condition to billing doc This is a note addressing a particular case where you need to carry a calculated surcharge forward to a Billing Document without being re-calculated. Pricing
154529 Pricing in the Delivery Explains how Pricing functions on deliveries — specifically how Pricing is not transferred to deliveries. Pricing
155012 Further subtotal fields in pricing Explains how you can add additional subtotal fields for use in the SD Pricing Procedure. Pricing
310022 VL10: Schedule batch job-variant creation Explains how you can schedule Delivery Due processes in SAP to automatically create deliveries. Logistics Execution
319866 Correction report billing relevance after Customizing changes Presents a process for updating Delivery Billing statuses once a billing status change has been made to the SD Item. Billing
370487 Info: Distributn header conditions w/ calculation type 'B' Explains how Header Conditions use a standard Quotient for proportionally distributing the value to the items.  It further explains how you can setup an alternate condition base formula to distribute the values per business requirements. Pricing
1022966 FAQ for the 'Subto' column (KZWIW) in the pricing procedure This note explains how the Subtotals work in the Pricing procedure. Pricing
1365939 VPRS logic and Customizing settings in SD This note explains in great detail how the VPRS Costing condition is calculated. Pricing
1469906 FF805 Tax Statement Item missing for Tax Code Explains how to troubleshoot the FF805 error message when posting Invoices to Accounting Billing
1861066 Everything about SDV03V02 / transaction V_V2 This KBA explains the capabilities for the Backorder Rescheduling report. Rescheduling
1915114 FF753 Tax code does not appear in any G/L account item Explains how to troubleshoot the FF753 error message when posting Invoices to Accounting Billing