Michael Romaniello

technical difficulties

New Web Server

After suffering through years of poor website performance, I have decided to try out a new hosting service. If you’ve been here before, you will probably notice some changes. I’ve migrated rather hastily and this is what I’ve come up with — for better or for worse. A few things are missing: the SAP Chatbot…

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SAP Settlement Management: The Multiple Contract Condition Problem

I have had the opportunity to steep myself in SAP S/4’s new SAP Settlement Management module. While I’m sure that I’ve barely scratched its surface, it has a demonstrated a strong capability to provide a framework for structuring complex Trade Promotions agreements. One particular scenario seemed like it was going to require some development, but…

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SAP Sales Order Delivery Status vs Overall Delivery Status

If you’re writing an ‘Open Orders’ report, chances are you are intersted in the delivery status of your Sales Order.  You man have noticed that there are two delivery statuses (stati?) found on the Sales Document Header and Item level: “Delivery Status” and the “Overall Delivery Status”. What do these statuses represent?  Read on to…

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