SAP SD Reference Guide

If you’ve reviewed my blog in the past, you may have already seen my other SAP SD related reference materials and apps.  In the spirit of sharing this information across a spectrum of media, I have decided to port this information to plain, old blog pages.  Below, you will find a series of links to additional pages which contain relevant information for the SD Consultant and Power User.  As always, feedback is welcome.

  1. Parameter ID’s
    Parameter ID’s help users set or change SAP default values on common screen fields.
  2. Programs
    Helpful programs — user exits, and functional — that may prove useful in SD scenarios.
  3. Number Range Objects
    Object ID’s for number range monitoring and maintenance in transaction SNUM.
  4. Tables
    SAP database tables store important values relating to SAP Transactional and Master data — some of which are not visible on normal transactions screens.
  5. Transaction Codes
    Handy transactions for processes as well as some transactions useful for consultants.

As always, if you have other ideas about how to improve this guide please let me know in the comments.

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