Project Profile: Joint Venture Template

My first project with Accenture was for a large chemicals manufacturer.  Their strategic goal was to move into emerging markets such as South America and the Middle East.  There is a large amount of risk involved in such an endeavor.  To mitigate this risk, the client routinely engages potential financial backers in the region to fund most of the effort.  In turn, the client provides the production expertise and product mix.  Together, they form a joint venture (JV) organization.  One of the larger costs of implementing such a JV is the software used to run the JV’s operations.  Our project was tasked with developing an SAP template which can be dropped into each JV thus reducing the cost and timeline for launching.

The client had already selected the processes which were to be included in the template.  Our main objective was to work with SME’s to identify requirements for the template, build the system and test it.  The project team’s goals was to meet as many requirements as possible without development.  The project effectively had no go-live as there was no targeted JV for most of the duration.