SAP Sales & Distribution: Quick Reference Guide for the User

One of the constant struggles for SAP users and consultants alike is the attempt to recollect transaction codes and table names that are infrequently used.  Having a reliable list at your fingertips has proven to be helpful in those times of need.  That concept inspired me to compile and publish a couple of ‘quick user guides’ that can be used for that purpose.  I submit for your approval the first draft of a user-oriented guide:  SAP Sales and Distribution – Quick Reference Guide for the User.

What is the SAP Quick Reference Guide for the User?

This SAP Quick Reference Guide:

  • Is a collection of commonly used transaction codes separated out by functional area — Sales Order Processing, Logistics, and Billing.
  • Contains a General section with cross-functional transactions.
  • Is based upon my experience as a support consultant and contains transaction codes applicable to most common business processes.
  • Is green!  It’s not my favorite color.  I simply used this color to help me differentiate it from the “…for the Consultant” guide which will be delivered later on in Blue, my favorite color.

What it’s not

  • It ain’t pretty!  That’s for sure!  I typically consider myself a fairly design-focused individual.  Unfortunately, the first draft of this guide is intended to deliver the content first.  Future versions will hopefully be a bit easier on the eyes.
  • Obviously, with a nearly infinite amount of variety in business processes, an exhaustive list of t-codes would be too extensive to be a “quick reference”.
  • Many SD roles will not extend across all of these functional areas, so this guide is not targeted at one particular role; rather, it’s intended to cover most common SD functions across roles.


If you can look past the ugly, verdant exterior, I hope you can find this a useful guide to common user transactions.  I plan on updating this document in the future, so if you have some input please include it in a comment and I’ll do my best to incorporate it in a future release.


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