SAP Material Determination

I recently had an opportunity to reacquaint myself with material substitutions in SAP — also known as SAP Material Determination. This is a standard function within the Sales & Distribution module which allows for one material to be substituted for another under certain circumstances. In this article, I’ll provide a brief overview of the functionality, how it can be configured and the master data the supports it. Read on for more.

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SAP: Exploring SAP Cross Selling in SD

I make a lot of trips to the home improvement store throughout the year.  Unfortunately, many of my trips are necessary because I neglected to put an important item in my cart on a previous trip.  If only there was a way for the store clerk to prompt to purchase additional items related to those already in my cart.  This could simultaneously increase the store’s sales — reducing the risk I purchase items elsewhere — while saving me extra trips to the store.  Fortunately for companies running SAP, this feature DOES exist and it is called SAP Cross Selling.  Let’s take a deeper dive.

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SAP Cumulative Graduated Pricing and Discounts

First off, this post is mostly stemming from frustration.  So, if you’re expecting some sort of magic bullet to handle cumulative graduated pricing, I can’t offer you much.  What I can offer you is a list of options, how they work, and why they may not fully satisfy the requirement.  It seems simple:  You want to offer your customers gradually reduced pricing — or gradually increased discounts — as they purchase throughout the year across multiple sales orders.  Though seemingly simple, the solution is not.

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Meet my new app: SAP SD Reference Guide for WP8

Announcing one of the latest additions to the Windows Phone Store: the SAP SD Reference Guide. This is an app that I made using the App Studio (detailed on my blog here). As of this afternoon, my app officially gained certification and is now available in the Windows Phone Store. For more information, please visit my Apps page.

SAP Sales & Distribution: Quick Reference Guide for the User

One of the constant struggles for SAP users and consultants alike is the attempt to recollect transaction codes and table names that are infrequently used.  Having a reliable list at your fingertips has proven to be helpful in those times of need.  That concept inspired me to compile and publish a couple of ‘quick user guides’ that can be used for that purpose.  I submit for your approval the first draft of a user-oriented guide:  SAP Sales and Distribution – Quick Reference Guide for the User.

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SAP Mandatory Sales Text

This post is dedicated to the four hours of my life I lost trying to figure out why my mandatory header texts were misbehaving.  A client had requested that a header text be mandatory for all Credit Memo (CR) and Debit Memo (DR) documents.  Makes sense.  Standard SAP only prescribes an order reason be maintained, but sometimes you want to capture more details behind the rationale for such transactions.  “Easy breezy,” I thought.  Wrong.  Read on to master SAP Mandatory Sales Text.

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