SAP Divestitures Lessons Learned (ASUG NEWS)

My favorite ASUG News journalist, Courtney Bjorlin, just penned an interesting article titled ‘SAP Software and Divestitures: 4 Hard-Earned Lessons Learned’ — and “Hard-Earned” is spot on.  In it, she chronicles the struggles of Cooper Industries as they tackle the divestiture of their Tools division.  I was happy to have played a small role in the article as a contributor, sharing some of my experiences in the four SAP divestitures projects (not including my current pseudo-divestiture assignment) I have been involved with.  The delicate arrangement of stakeholders — the buying entity, the selling entity, systems integrators, divested personnel, legal representation, etc. — can make for some unique challenges.  For more details and insights into my divestiture experience, also check out my Divestiture Project Profile page.

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