SAP Divestitures Lessons Learned (ASUG NEWS)

My favorite ASUG News journalist, Courtney Bjorlin, just penned an interesting article titled ‘SAP Software and Divestitures: 4 Hard-Earned Lessons Learned’ — and “Hard-Earned” is spot on.  In it, she chronicles the struggles of Cooper Industries as they tackle the divestiture of their Tools division.  I was happy to have played a small role in the article as a contributor, sharing some of my experiences in the four SAP divestitures projects (not including my current pseudo-divestiture assignment) I have been involved with.  The delicate arrangement of stakeholders — the buying entity, the selling entity, systems integrators, divested personnel, legal representation, etc. — can make for some unique challenges.  For more details and insights into my divestiture experience, also check out my Divestiture Project Profile page.

Updated: Project Profiles – Technical Upgrade, Divestiture

I have continued to develop additional project profiles which expand upon some of my specific project experience noted in my Resume.  The new entries are available through the Resume menu above, or by clicking on the links below:

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