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SAP: My Own SAP ECC 6.0 IDES Server (Part 1)

I was pondering one day the irony of an SAP consultant with well over a decade of SAP experience who has never himself attempted an SAP installation.  After doing some research, I discovered that I had what it took to actually do it myself.  In this series, I will walkthrough the process of this installation from end to end.

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SAP: Route, Leg, and Packing Determination

I recently took a trip into my own personal way-back machine — an old Western Digital Passport drive — and found this golden oldie:  A diagram I made years ago in MS Visio illustrating the intricate complexities of SAP’s Route, Leg and Packing determination.

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SAP: Exploring Backorders (Part 1)

The term “backorder” is common across most industries. They are also the bane of most customer service organizations who are often caught in between struggling processes and angry customers.  In this two part series, I’ll discuss how to recognize a backorder issue, approaches to identify sources, and how SAP can help?

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SAP: Exploring Cross-Selling in SD

I make a lot of trips to the home improvement store throughout the year.  Unfortunately, many of my trips are necessary because I neglected to put an important item in my cart on a previous trip.  If only there was a way for the store clerk to prompt to purchase additional items related to those already in my cart.  This could simultaneously increase the store’s sales — reducing the risk I purchase items elsewhere — while saving me extra trips to the store.  Fortunately for companies running SAP, this feature DOES exist and it is called Cross-Selling.  Let’s take a deeper dive.

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SAP: Inventory Tables

Inventory. It’s difficult to think of a single topic more important to more people than this.  Buyers, Customer Service, and Production Planners all care about what’s available and what isn’t.  And, of course, there’s the warehouse personnel that keep everything flowing whose lives revolve around inventory. For most situations, a quick stock overview is sufficient, but many times you need to get a closer look at inventory through queries or custom reports.  Here are the tables you need to know about.

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SAP: Sales Document Date Fields Demystified

It’s not uncommon for me to receive questions regarding  date fields on SAP Sales Orders.  That should not be surprising considering that users will be confronted by no less than 10 date fields during normal order maintenance.  That number can rise to more than 15 depending on how you slice the numbers.  In this article, I will explore these date fields and how they impact other activities.

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SAP: Impressions from Screen Personas 2.0

Recently, I’ve had the opportunity to spend some time with SAP Screen Personas 2.0, a web-based alternative to SAP GUI offering some powerful tools to beautify and enhance classic SAP screens.  This post is dedicated to sharing some impressions of the tool.  Read on to learn more.

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SAP: Sales Order Rounding Profiles

While researching solutions for a client, I learned quite a bit about SAP’s rounding capabilities.  In my experience, I haven’t encountered a situation where this EXACT functionality would be necessary, but I’m sure it will come in handy for a few of you folks out there.  Let’s find out a bit more about this function.

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SAP: Pricing Procedure Strategy & Rationale

My clients’ pricing procedures come in all shapes and sizes — from the bizarrely complex to Spartan simplicity. I also find a huge variance in the number of procedures. I was in a system the other day whose procedures numbered in the DOZENS. All of this got me to thinking about the standard SAP pricing procedures and how their structure and rationale may help with inspiration to stick with the standard structure.

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