Logistics Scheduling in SAP

SAP Infographic: Logistics Scheduling

I’ve previously attempted to demystify SAP Sales Order dates, but this topic seems to arise time and time again.  I decided to put the Sales Order / Logistics scheduling dates on a handy timeline to help explain the mechanics of SAP Logistics Scheduling.  Read on.

SAP Logistics Scheduling Process

Scheduling is triggered as soon as a Sales Order line item is entered.  The process begins at the end with the Customer Requested Delivery Date.  From there, backwards scheduling is executed which considers a variety of master data and configuration elements.  If backwards scheduling results in a date PRIOR to the current date, forwards scheduling is carried out using those same attributes.

Logistics Scheduling in SAP
Logistics Scheduling in SAP

The attached diagram contains an overview of the key dates and the activity durations used in their calculations. This should help in understanding the process and explaining it to others. You can also download the image in PDF format.  Enjoy.  And, as always, please let me know if you have some thoughts on this timeline or if I’m missing something.


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