Website Update #2

Website Update #2

In a prior Website Update post, I celebrated my site having hit the meager milestone of 1,000 page views in a month.  My how times have changed.  January 2016 has come and gone, and with it a couple of cool milestones have been met.

This month, I celebrate my website hitting a couple of significant milestones:  First off, last week was the first week with a total exceeding 1,000 page views.  Amazing.  Secondly, thanks to that burst of activity, January became my first month exceeding 4,000 page views.  Double-amazing.

Again, a sincere ‘thank you’ goes out to all those who have found my website.  And an additional fist-bump to all those who have contributed through their comments and ‘Ask Me Anything’ questions (I’m still getting around to some of those; be patient).


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