SAP Quick Tip: Finding SAP User Exits

SAP User Exits…  Depending on your perspective, they are either a saving grace which allows you to bend SAP to your liking, or a frightening Carte Blanche which allows your clients to do the most crazy stuff (and later ask you to fix it).  Either way, they are a critical tool for an SAP consultant.  Their number is legion and here is how to find them.  …all of them.

I’m not sure how practical it is to look at a list of THOUSANDS of user exit programs, but in case you do:

  1. SAP Transaction CMOD
    SAP Transaction CMOD

    Launch Transaction CMOD.

  2. Navigate to the Utilities –> SAP Enhancements menu option.
  3. Execute (F8).
    Note: You may wish to remove — or at least, increase — the ‘Maximum Number of Hits’ value.
  4. Voila.
List of User Exits
List of User Exits

The list you see will include the program name and the short text description.  You can also add several other columns (Settings -> Layout –> Current) to the list; the ‘Changed on’ date could come in handy if you’re looking for the cause of date-sensitive issue.

And just in case you’re wondering, here’s what the report output looks like for my ECC 6.0 IDES installation (3,377 programs):

Exit/Program Description
0VRF0001 Customer-spec. route determination
AAIC0001 IM Summarization: Processing values after selection
AAIC0002 IM Summarization: Processing of assigned entities after sel.
AAIC0003 IM Summarization: Definition of User-Defined Characteristics
AAIP0001 IM Drilldown: Assignmt of Actual Values to Budget Catgories
AAIP0002 IM Drilldown: Definition of User-Defined Key Figures
AAIP0003 IM Drilldown: Definition of User-Defined Characteristics
AAIR0001 IM-IS: User value fields in app.req. reporting
AAIR0002 IM-FA: User fields for app. requests
AAIR0003 IM: Workplace assignmt when creating PM order from app.req.
AAIR0004 IM Drilldown: Definition of User-Defined Characteristics
AAIR0006 IM-FA-IA: Data Transfer from App. Req. to WBS Element
AAIS0003 Actual settlements of investment measures to assets
AAIS0004 Supplements to overall plan value or budget value
AAPM0001 Integration of asset accounting and plant maintenance
ACBAPI01 Accounting: Customer Enhancement to BAPI Interfaces
ACCID001 IDoc processing for Accounting
ACCID002 IDoc Processing for Outgoing Accounting
ACCOBL01 Customer exits for PAI and PBO in coding block
ACCR0001 Accruals/Deferrals: User Exists for Master Data
AD010001 Change object list and its hierarchy
AD010002 Delimit selection and/or filter data that is determined
AD010003 Create user-defined DI characteristics
AD010005 Create user-defined sources
AD010007 Change DI Processing Information
AFAR0001 External determination of ref. value for dep. calculation
AFAR0002 External determination of depreciation
AFAR0003 External changeover method
AFAR0004 Determination of proportional values for retirement
AINT0001 Extended checks when posting an asset
AINT0002 Substitution of offsetting accounts in out- and inflow …
AINT0003 Defining percentage/amount of repayment by invest. support
AINT0004 Change amount posted for certain areas
AINT0005 Dummy for extended syntax check. Do not use.
AISA0001 Assign Inventory Number
AIST0001 Exchange number range in master data maintenance
AIST0002 Customer fields in asset master
ALE00001 ALE user exit
ALTD0001 Individual additional checks when transferring old data
AMAV0001 Determination of asset value date
AMGS_001 User-Defined Translation Method in Asset Reports
AMPL0001 User subscreen for additional data on AMPL
AMSP0002 Determine relationship type for two company codes
ANLR0001 Additional control level texts in AM reporting
ARVL0001 Determine manual revaluation
ATP00001 User Exits in the Availability Check
BADA0001 Customer-specific conversion method in asset reports
BADA0002 Customer-specific asset number
BAS00001 Service master: Check service specifications
BASI0001 IDoc service master: Inbound processing
BASO0001 IDoc service master: Outbound processing
BATCHCHK Function Module Exits for Check in Case of Batch Changes
BBPBUDGT Change Account Assignment for Budget Determination
BBPCUF Customer Field Processing
BBPCUF4X Updating Customer Fields in case of PO
BBPIV001 User Exits EBP Invoice Verification
BBPK0001 Exit for determining the external procurement profile
BBPP0001 Fill RESBD Structure from EBP Component Structure
BC621E00 Customer Function for BC621 Group 00
BC621E01 Customer Function for BC621 Group 01
BC621E02 Customer Function for BC621 Group 02
BC621E03 Customer Function for BC621 Group 03
BC621E04 Customer Function for BC621 Group 04
BC621E05 Customer Function for BC621 Group 05
BC621E06 Customer Function for BC621 Group 06
BC621E07 Customer Function for BC621 Group 07
BC621E08 Customer Function for BC621 Group 08
BC621E09 Customer Function for BC621 Group 09
BC621E10 Customer Function for BC621 Group 10
BC621E11 Customer Function for BC621 Group 11
BC621E12 Customer Function for BC621 Group 12
BC621E13 Customer Function for BC621 Group 13
BC621E14 Customer Function for BC621 Group 14
BC621E15 Customer Function for BC621 Group 15
BC621E16 Customer Function for BC621 Group 16
BC621E17 Customer Function for BC621 Group 17
BC621E18 Customer Function for BC621 Group 18
BC621EDX Customer Function for BC621
BCAUS001 Exit to allow the custom creation of Bank Check Output
BDMO0001 Enhancement to the ALE distribution reference model
BG000001 User Exit: Warranty Check
BG000002 User Exit: Warranty Check Dialog Box
BG000003 User Exit: Subscreen for Changing Warranty Check Result
BKKEDI01 Interface EDI for In-House Banking
BPX00001 Business partner: User exit administrative data
BPX00002 Business Partner: User Exit for Administrative Data (Check)
BPX00003 Business Partner: User Exit for Bank Details (Process)
BPX00004 Business Partner: User Exit for Bank Details (Edit)
BPX00005 Business partner: User exit – define partner numbers extern.
BPX00006 Business parnter: User exit – check partner numbers extern.
BRSTEX01 Self-defined hierarchy in reporting
C1020001 EHS: Menu exit 1 of substance management
C1020002 EHS: Menu exit 2 of substance management
C1020003 EHS: Menu exit 1 of the substance information system
C1020004 EHS: Menu exit 2 of the substance information system
C1060001 EHS: Variable Information on Material Assignment
C1070001 EHS: Additional checks for a char. value assignment instance
C10U0001 EHS: Further Checks for Dangerous Goods Classification
C10U0002 EHS: Input Help for Specifications
C10Y0001 EHS: Additional Checks for Status Assignments
C10Y0002 EHS: Further Activities when Saving Status Assignments
C1120001 EHS: Menu exit 1 of phrase management
C1120002 EHS: Menu exit 2 of phrase managment
C12K0001 EHS: Report Generation – Specifying Generation Server
C12N0001 EHS: Sorting Default Parameters for Screen Output
C1480001 EHS: Input Help for Specification References
C14A0001 EHS: ALE – Identification of substance in target system
C14A0002 EHS: ALE (Spec.) Parameter Filter and Transfer Addit. Data
C14A0003 EHS: ALE (Spec.) Parameter Filter and Transfer Addit. Data
C14A0004 EHS: ALE (Phrase) Param. filter and transfer of addit. data
C14A0005 EHS: ALE (Phrase) Param. filter and transfer of addit. data
C14A0006 EHS: ALE (Reports) Replicate Parameter Filtering at Sender
C14A0007 EHS: ALE (Report) Param. Filter and Transf. of Addit. Data
C14X0001 EHS: Dynamic Determination of Phrase Set
C1B40001 EHS: Variable Information on the Value Assignment Instance
C1C10001 EHS: Determination of SRGV for report selection MSDS ship.
C1CA0001 EHS: Determining report type for material safety data sheets
C1CA0002 EHS: Determines the mat. ID assigned to substances in EH&S
C1CA0003 EHS: Generation of a table with all subs for MSDS shipping
C1CA0004 EHS: Determines the language version of the MSDS
C1CA0005 EHS: Determination of SRGV for report selection MSDS ship.
C1CA0006 EHS: Report shipping: Check whether to be sent
C1CE0001 EHS: Determination of enhancement field for SD interface
C1F20001 EHS: Saving Additional Data in the Database
C1F30001 EHS: Checking Assignment in Report Header
C1G20001 EHS: Menu exit 1: Report management
C1G20002 EHS: Menu exit 2: Report management
C1G20003 EHS: Menu exit 1 report information system
C1G20004 EHS: Menu exit 2 report information system
C1L30001 EHS: BOMBOS – Percentage Calculation
C1L30002 EHS: BOMBOS – Creating Additional Substance Data
C1L30003 EHS: BOMBOS – Creating Secondary Data
CADD0001 Menu enhancements CAD Desktop
CADD0002 Menu enhancements CAD Desktop
CADD0003 Customer enhancement of the CAD Desktop
CADD0004 Screen enhancement CAD Desktop
CADR001 CAD: User Exit for technical drawing header management
CATP0001 Determine target hours
CATS0001 CATS: Set up worklist
CATS0002 CATS: Supplement recorded data
CATS0003 CATS: Validate recorded data
CATS0004 CATS: Deactivate functions in the user interface
CATS0005 CATS: Customer field enhancements
CATS0006 CATS: Validate entire time sheet
CATS0007 CATS: Subscreen on initial screen
CATS0008 CATS: Determine workflow recipients for approval
CATS0009 CATS: Customer-Specific Text Fields in Data Entry Section
CATS0010 CATS: Customer-Specific Text Fields in Worklist
CATS0011 CATS: Customer functions
CATS0012 CATS: Subscreen on data entry screen
CATSBW01 Customer Exit for Time Sheet Data Transfer -> BW
CAVC0000 User Exit: Variant Configuration: External APIs
CAWAO_TS Textual Layout of Worklist
CBP00001 User exits for PP-CBP
CBWA0001 EH&S-WA: Determining Auth.-Assigned Numbers for a Partner
CBWA0002 EH&S-WA: Customer Exit Account Assignment Check
CCLD0001 Extension of the IDoc for ALE Message Type CNPMAS
CCOWB001 Customer exit for modifying menu entries
CCT00001 User exit characteristics mgmt.: Char. data before backup
CCUCEI0A Assigned Values Files and Object Characteristics
CCUCEI0B Customer-Specific Batch-Input Processing
CCUCEI0H Change F4 Help for Characteristics in the Configuration
CCUCEI0V Search for Material Variant with Same Values
CCUP0001 Reporting – planning tables
CCUX0000 Additional Check for Configurations
CCUX0001 Load functions for configurations
CCUX0002 Reaction for conflict in object search on class node
CCUX0003 Parameterization of Finding Objects in Class Node
CCUX0004 Post-Processing of Configuration with Dependencies
CCUX0005 Transfer of Item Category by Type Matching
CCUX0006 Fixing of an Order BOM
CCUX0007 Definition of BOM Category for Instantiation
CCUX0008 No BOM Explosion for Externally Procured Components
CCUX0100 Synchronization of Variant Configuration Initialization
CCUX0500 Configuration – Techn. parameters – Strategy table access
CCUX0510 Configuration: Addnl Proc. for Changing Var. Table Entries
CCUX0800 Level of Detail of Multi-Level Explosion in Configuration
CCUXDATE Validity Date for Order BOM
CCUXDATU Explosion Date for Result-Oriented Order BOM
CCUXDELE Additional Logic for Deleting Classification Data (CU View)
CCUXDYNP Dialog for Incomplete Assigned Characteristic Values
CCUXIACD Maintain Additional Data for Instantiation
CCUXINST Modification for External No. Assignment for Instantiation
CCUXMVAR Multistep Configuration with Material Variants
CCUXOBTY Object Types for the Object Search for Class Nodes
CCUXSETM Saving of Manual Changes for SET Processing
CCUXSETQ Component Quantities for Set Handling
CCUXSTAT Define BOM Status for Instantiated Materials
CEI00000 Availability of Customer Functions in Configuration Editor
CEPEX001 User Exit CEP: Authorization Check for Folder
CI200001 Activate new component processing
CIFBTC01 Enhancement for Transferring Customer-Specific Batch Fields
CIFCID3 User Exits for Deltareport3
CIFCNF01 Customer Enhancements APO Integration Confirmation
CIFEVT01 Core Interface with APO: Enhancements for Event Processing
CIFIMO01 Enhancement in Integration Model Creation
CIFIRQ01 Enhancement for Requirement Reduction (Outbound)
CIFLOC01 Enhancement for Transferring Customer-Specific Loc. Fields
CIFLOC02 Enhancement for Transferring Customer-Spec. Location Fields
CIFMAT01 Enhancement for Transferring Customer-Specific Matl Fields
CIFMAT02 Extension for Transferring Deactivated Materials
CIFORD01 Enhancement for Incoming Orders Interface
CIFORD02 Enhancement for Transferring Customer-Specific Order Fields
CIFORD03 Enhancement for In-House Prod. Order Inc.for Customer Fields
CIFORD04 Determine Rework Operations or Triggering Operation
CIFPCM01 Enhancement for Recipient Processing in Production Campaign
CIFPIR01 Enhancement of Incomng Ind. Requirements for Customer Fields
CIFPIR02 Enhancement for Transfer of Planned Independent Reqs to APO
CIFPPM01 Core Interface for APO: Enhancements for PPM Model
CIFPPM02 Enhancement for Transferring Customer-Specific PPM Fields
CIFPUR01 Enhancement for Transferring Customer-Specific PO Fields
CIFPUR02 Enhancement of Purchase Order Interface (Inbound)
CIFPUR41 Suppression of Quota Arrangement Info. for APO Transfer
CIFRES01 Customer Exit for Resource Transfer
CIFRSV02 Inbound Processing for Manual Reservations
CIFSHLF1 Customer Exits for Shelf Life
CIFSLS02 Enhancement for Sales Order Interface (Inbound)
CIFSLS03 Influencing of Sales Order Data Prior to Dispatch
CIFSLS04 Influencing of Reservation Data Prior to Dispatch
CIFSRC01 Enhancement for Transferring Customer-Specific SS Fields
CIFSTK01 Enhancement for Transferring Customer-Specific Stock Fields
CKML User exits for actual cost accounting
CLCLRS01 Additional Fields on the Result Screen
CLCLRS02 Fill the Additional Fields on the Result Screen
CLCTMS01 Default values for finding objects
CLCTMS02 Check for Same Classification
CLCTMS03 Dependencies for Finding Objects
CLFM0001 Change or set default for classification of object
CLFM0002 Call classification data before saving
CLFM0003 Call Up After Check of Assigned Characteristic Values
CLIDL001 Object Table Customizing for Initial Data Transfer
CLMMD001 Selection of Objects for Mass Processing
CLSC0001 Manipulation of search result
CMDI001 Determine explosion control for BOM
CMFU0001 Define customer-specific screen layout
CMFU0002 Set parameters for time confirmation and goods movements
CMW8DL01 Enhancement CIF middleware user exit for delivery (inbound)
CMW8SH01 Enhancement CIF middleware user exit for shipments (inbound)
CNEX0001 PS: User fields
CNEX0002 PS Authorization check
CNEX0003 PS: Customer specific fields standard project definition
CNEX0004 PS: Customer specific fields standard WBS element
CNEX0005 PS: Customer specific fields in process (standard net)
CNEX0006 PS customer specific fields project definition
CNEX0007 PS customer specific fields WBS element
CNEX0008 PS customer specific fields in process (net plan)
CNEX0009 Material components in network
CNEX0010 PS: Customer-defined hierarchy in LDB PSJ
CNEX0011 BOM explosion in network on component overview
CNEX0012 Derive external network number from WBS number
CNEX0013 Order: Cust. enhancement: Default item category comp. assgmt
CNEX0014 External data for BOM transfer
CNEX0015 Change BOM data for BOM transfer
CNEX0016 PS customer-specific fields in the network headerf
CNEX0017 Customer-specific node info. in network graphic (netw. mnt.)
CNEX0018 Customer-specific node info. in network graphic (info. sys.)
CNEX0019 Customer-specific node info. in network graphic (std. netw.)
CNEX0020 Extra info in DIN field of network graphic (netw. maint.)
CNEX0021 Extra info in DIN field of hierarchy graphic (netw. maint.)
CNEX0022 Extra info in DIN field (standard network maintenance)
CNEX0023 Customer-specific node info. in the hierarchy graphic
CNEX0024 Customer-specific graphic title in Gantt chart/Proj.Plan.Brd
CNEX0025 Additional field for project summarization
CNEX0026 Customer enhancement for general inspection of material
CNEX0027 Customer enhancement: Plant, storage loc. finding for comp.
CNEX0028 Check activity release
CNEX0029 Check network release
CNEX0030 Update event for BOM assignment
CNEX0031 Progress Analysis: User Exit for Earned Value Calculation
CNEX0032 PS Customer Functions in the Transfer Price Agreement
CNEX0033 WBS: Predefine Search and Replace String
CNEX0034 Check a New Allocation in BOM Transfer
CNEX0035 Check a Change in BOM Transfer
CNEX0036 Check deletion as part of BOM transfer
CNEX0037 Check a freshly created component
CNEX0038 Check a changed component
CNEX0039 Check deletion of a component in a network
CNEX0040 Supply source determination in network
CO610001 User exits: Assembly processing
COCCA001 Customer enhancement to cost center authorization checks
COCCA002 Customer Functions for Organizational Authorization Checks
COI20001 Changing of person found
COI20002 Alternative procurement of HR availability data
COIB0001 Customer Exit for As-Built Assignment Tool
CONF0001 Enhancements in order confirmation
CONFPI01 Process order conf.: Calculate cust.specific default values
CONFPI02 Process order confirmation: Customer spec. input checks 1
CONFPI03 Process order conf.: Cust. spec. check after op. selection
CONFPI04 Process order conf.: Customer specific input checks 2
CONFPI05 Process order conf.: Cust. spec. enhancements when saving
CONFPI06 Process order confirmation: Actual data transfer
CONFPM01 PM/SM order conf.: Determine cust. specific default values
CONFPM02 PM/SM order confirmation: Customer specific input checks 1
CONFPM03 PM/SM order conf.: Cust. spec. check after op. selection
CONFPM04 PM/SM order conf.: Customer specific input check 2
CONFPM05 PM/SM order conf.: Cust. specific enhancements when saving
CONFPP01 PP order conf.: Determine customer specific default values
CONFPP02 PP order conf.: Customer specific input checks 1
CONFPP03 PP order conf.: Cust. specific check after op. selection
CONFPP04 PP order conf.: Customer specific input checks 2
CONFPP05 PP order conf.: Customer specific enhancements when saving
CONFPP06 PP Order Confirmations: Actual Data Transfer
CONFPP07 Single Screen Entry: Inclusion of User-Defined Subscreens
CONFPS01 PS confirmation: Determine customer specific default values
CONFPS02 PS confirmation: Customer specific input checks 1
CONFPS03 PS confirmation: Customer specific check after op. selection
CONFPS04 PS confirmation: Customer specific input checks 2
CONFPS05 PS confirmation: Customer specific enhancements when saving
COOCM001 Conflict in change step
COOCM002 OCM: Definition of comparison fields for order comparison
COOM0001 Customer Functions for Overhead Percentages
COOM0002 Customer functions: Cost center accrual calculation
COOM0003 Customer function for automatic creation of settlement rules
COOMBP01 Business process: user-defined addnl. flds in master record
COOMBP03 Business Process: BAPI Enhancements
COOMEP01 CO-OM: Information system -> line item reports
COOMKA01 Customer Fields for Cost Element Master Data
COOMKPLV User Exit: Copy Actual to Plan and Copy Planning
COOMKPT4 Customer Exit: Copy Plan->Plan/Act.->Plan for Cost Centers
COOMKS01 Customer Fields for Cost Center Master Data
COOMKS02 Cost Center: Checks When Saving
COOMKS03 Cost Center: BAPI Enhancements
COOMLA01 Customer Fields for Activity Type Master Data
COOPA002 Customer function for master data maint. – internal orders
COOPA003 User-Defined Fields in the Order Master
COOPA004 Customer function: Print order master data
COOPA_01 Customer check modules for internal orders
COPA0001 Enhancement for derivation in Profitability Analysis (CO-PA)
COPA0002 Enhancement for valuation in Profitability Analysis (CO-PA)
COPA0003 Enhancement for assignment to profitability segment (CO-PA)
COPA0004 Enhancement for currency translation (CO-PA)
COPA0005 Enhancement for actual data update (CO-PA)
COPA0006 Enhancement for planning (CO-PA)
COPA0007 Enhancement for external data transfer (CO-PA)
COPA00RE BW/CO-PA Data Transfer
COPCP001 User exit for cross-company code costing
COPCP002 User exit: Material valuation of valuated sales order stock
COPCP003 User exit for production resource/tool costing
COPCP004 Customer enhancement bulk material
COPCP005 User exit for material valuation (strategy U)
COZF0001 Change purchase req. for externally processed operation
COZF0002 Change purchase req. for externally procured component
CPAU0001 Enhancement for Authorization Check in Task Lists
CPDO0001 Test units of measure for reference operation set
CPRE0001 Enhancement for Reorgnization Checks in Task Lists
CRDTE001 Program Exits for Determining the Downtime of the Resources
CUBX0001 Configuration: determine superior material
CUCPDEL1 Additional Logic:Delete Classification Data LO-VC View CBASE
CUCPDELE Additional Logic Delete Classification Data from LO-VC View
CUCQ0001 Additional Logic: Selection of Confign Profiles (in FG CUCQ)
CUST1 Enhancement to area menu S000 (Office)
CUST2 Enhancement to area menu S000 (Logistics)
CUST3 Enhancement to area menu S000 (Accounting)
CUST4 Enhancement to area menu S000 (Human Resources)
CUST5 Enhancement to area menu S000 (Info Systems)
CUST6 Enhancement to area menu S000 (Tools)
CUST7 Enhancement for area menu S000 (Logistics->Materials mgmt.)
CV000001 Check-in enhancement for document management
CV110001 DMS: Enhancements for DMS Dialog (FB: CV110)
CVDI0001 User exit: DDS – save recipient list
CVDI0002 User exit: DDS – modify initial values for screen 100
CVDI0003 User exits: DDS – determine original
CVDI0004 User exit: DDS – determine document part and version
CVDI0005 User-Exit: DDS – Create distribution order
CVDI0006 User-Exit: DDS – Check part order
CVDI0007 User-Exit: DDS – Create initial order
CVDI0008 User-Exit: DDS – Determine context
CVDI0009 User-Exit: DDS – Access to ITS
CVDI0010 User-Exit: DDS – Determine workstation application
CVDI0011 DDS: ITS access to all distribution packages
CVDI0020 Exit for Distributing Originals
CVDS0001 User exits for ALE DMS (DOCMAS)
CVEA0001 EHS: Customer Exit for Checking Material Name
CVEA0002 EHS: Customer Exit to Sort Out Parameter Values
CVFE0001 EHS: Select Output Device for Report Shipping
CY040001 Fixing of planning areas
CY040002 Specify Sequence of Operations to be Scheduled
CY190001 Capacity Planning: Change order operation
CYPP0001 Change sequence criteria and sequencing
CYPP0002 CYPP: User Defined Fields used by Sorting
CYPP0003 CYPP: Fields for a Layout Key
CYPP0004 Sort: Replace Contents of Field
CYPP0005 CYPP: User Defined Fields for Use in Display
CYPP0006 Change Content of a Field (Layout)
DG080001 EHS: ALE (Dangerous Goods Master) Filtering at Recipient
DG080002 EHS: ALE (Dangerous Goods Master) Filtering at Sender
DG100001 DG: Writing change documents
DG550001 DG: Determining SAPscript Keys for APPEND Fields
DG560001 DG: TREMcard Determination of Relevant Shipping Units
DG560002 DG: TREMcard Determination of Relevant Specifications
DG600001 EHS-DG: Merge Item and Deliv. Sched. Data for Expectd Deliv.
DG600002 EHS DG: Determination of Expected Deliveries
DG600003 EHS DG: Write Log Header for Expected Deliveries
DG700001 EHS DG: Enhanc. for cntry/mode of trans. cat. determination
DG700002 Individual Determ. of Countries and Mode of Transport Cat.
DG700003 DG: Material Exchange and Multiple Component Explosion
DG700004 EHS-DG: Indv. Determ. of Countries/MTC in Shipping and Sales
DG800001 EHS-DG: Addit. Data for DG Additional Data in Shipping
DG800002 EHS-DG: Addit. Data for DG Additional Data in Sales
DW_BEAC1 Enhancements for BEAC flight system
EAN12801 EAN128: Encoding, Decoding, Label Printing
EHQM0601 EH&S-QM: Add Data to Inspection Plan Header
EHQM0701 EH&S-QM: Add Data to Material Assignment
EHQM0801 EH&S-QM: Determine Operations
EHQM0901 EH&S-QM: Determine QM Code
EHQM0902 EH&S-QM: Add Data to Inspection Characteristic
EHQM0903 EH&S-QM: Add Long Text Data to Inspection Characteristic
EHQM0904 EH&S-QM: Parameter Characteristics
EHQM1101 EH&S-QM: Determine Group and Group Counter
EHSHEX01 EHS_OH: Test Results for New Examination Categories
EHSHRP01 EHS: Reports for Data Overviews and Reporting
EHSIAHM1 EH&S: Menu Exit 1 for Incident/Accident Log Header
EHSIAHM2 EH&S: Menu Exit 2 for Incident/Accident Log Header
EHSIAPM1 EH&S: Menu Exit 1 for Incident/Accident Log Person
EHSIAPM2 EH&S: Menu Exit 2 for Incident/Accident Log Person
F050S001 FIDCMT, FIDCC1, FIDCC2: Edit user-defined IDoc segment
F050S002 FIDCC1: Change IDoc/do not send
F050S003 FIDCC2: Change IDoc/do not send
F050S004 FIDCMT, FIDCC1, FIDCC2: Change outbound IDoc/do not send
F050S005 FIDCMT, FIDCC1, FIDCC2 Inbound IDoc: Change FI document
F050S006 FI Outgoing IDoc: Reset Clearing in FI Document
F050S007 FIDCCH Outbound: Influence on IDoc for Document Change
F1040001 Reserve for bad debt – calculate percentages
F150D001 Indiv. customer exits in prog. for printing dunning notices
F180A001 Balance Sheet Adjustment
F40K0001 Manual account statement
F40S0001 Check deposit
F64O0001 Enhancement for Treasury/Securities/Order management
F67A0001 User Exit Loans Master Data Enhanced Menu I
F67A0010 User Exit Loans Master Data Overview Data
F67A0011 User Exit Loans Master Data Enhanced Menu II
F67A0012 User Exit Loans Master Data Enhanced Menu III
F67A0013 User Exit Loans Master Data Updates Additional Data
F67A0014 Screen Enhancement in Loans/Syndicated Data
F67A0016 User Exit for finance project number Loans
F68SCHKS Check documents to be reversed
F68SDATB User Exit for Reversal Transaction – Default for Date 'To'
F68SDATV User exit for reversal transaction – default date 'from'
F68STOBE Reversable documents can be modified
FARC0001 Enhancements within archiving (FI)
FARC0002 Additional Checks for Archiving MM Vendor Master Data
FDBFVDB1 Transfer loans subledger for premium reserve fund processing
FDTAX001 Enhancement to Transaction FDTA (event after the download)
FEB00001 Electronic account statement
FEB00002 Interface – external check entry
FEB00003 Customer exit for Finnish bank statement TITO format
FEB00004 Raw data processing, user exit SWIFT MT940
FEB00005 Electronic Banking – Account Statement Object Generation
FEBLB001 Lockbox user exit
FEDI0001 Function exits for EDI in FI
FEDI0002 Function exits for EDI DOCS in FI – Incoming pyt adv.notes
FEDI0003 Function exits for EDI docs in FI – Save PEXR segments
FEDI0004 Function exits for EDI docs in FI – particular events
FEDI0005 Function exists for EDI-ICODS in FI – Elec.bk stmt/lockbox
FEDI0006 Function Exits for EDI-docs in FI: Save IDCR Segments
FEDI0007 Function Exit for BCA EDI: FINSTA01 Exit Bank Statement
FFMZA001 User Exit for payment method determin. for payment requests
FICT0001 Exits for inter-company transactions
FIPAYM01 User Exits for IDoc FIPARQ01
FITR0001 User exit: Delete/Reorganize trip statistics
FITR0002 User exit: Create/Change trip statistics
FITR0003 User exit: Save trip (PR01, PR04, PR05)
FITR0005 User Exit: Save Trip (PR01, PR04, PR05)
FKLA0001 Derivation of the Default Risk Rule
FKLL0001 Derivation of Country Relevant for Country Risk
FKLR0001 Default Risk Limitation: Attributable Amount Determination
FLC10001 FI-LC – entry – upload programs – RGCPCU40
FMALE001 Commitment Item: User Exit IDoc Outbound
FMALE002 Commitment Item: User Exit IDoc Inbound
FMBU0001 Add user-specific fields to table BPDK
FMC10000 EC-CS: Extension for Flexible Upload
FMC10001 EC-CS: Extension for User Screens
FMC10010 EC-CS Integration: Ext. for Names/Texts of CS Org Units
FMC10011 EC-CS Integration: Data Entry and Reconciliation
FMC40001 EC-CS: Modification for Curreny Translation
FMC50000 EC-CS: Determine exchange rate for local currency change
FMCFBUD1 ISPS: FYC Budget: Calculating Max. Amount for Bdgt Increase
FMCFBUD2 ISPS: FYC Budget: Can Approved/Requested Amount Be Negative
FMFGDT01 USFG Derivation Tool enhancement
FMFGTC01 US Federal Government Treasury Confirmation customization
FMFR_AD1 Menu Exit for Earmarked Funds, Menu 'Extras', +AD1
FMFR_AD2 Menu Exit for Earmarked Funds, Menu 'Extras', +AD2
FMFR_AD3 Menu Exit for Earmarked Funds, Menu 'Extras', +AD3
FMFR_AD4 Menu Exit for Earmarked Funds, Menu 'Extras', +AD4
FMFR_AD5 Menu Exit for Earmarked Funds, Menu 'Extras', +AD5
FMFR_AD6 Menu Exit for Earmarked Funds, Menu 'Extras', +AD6
FMFR_DC1 Menu Exit for Earmarked Funds, Menu 'Document', +DC1
FMFR_DC2 Menu Exit for Earmarked Funds, Menu 'Document', +DC2
FMFR_DC3 Menu Exit for Earmarked Funds, Menu 'Document', +DC3
FMFR_DC4 Menu Exit for Earmarked Funds, Menu 'Document', +DC4
FMFR_ED1 Menu Exit for Earmarked Funds, Menu 'Edit', +ED1
FMFR_ED2 Menu Exit for Earmarked Funds, Menu 'Edit', +ED2
FMFR_ED3 Menu Exit for Earmarked Funds, Menu 'Edit', +ED3
FMFR_ED4 Menu Exit for Earmarked Funds, Menu 'Edit', +ED4
FMFR_EV1 Menu Exit for Earmarked Funds, Menu 'Environment', +EV1
FMFR_EV2 Menu Exit for Earmarked Funds, Menu 'Environment', +EV2
FMFR_EV3 Menuexit for Earmarked Funds, Menu 'Environment', +ev3
FMFR_EV4 Menuexit for Earmarked Funds, Menu 'Environment', +ev4
FMITPOSM Transfer Posting with FMITPO: Validate Doc. and Bank Data
FMMD0001 User Exit for Creating/Changing CI in Chart of CIs (Old)
FMMD0002 User Exit for Creating/Changing Cmmt Item in FM Area (Old)
FMMD0003 User Exit for Checking Values in Chart of Cmmt Items (Old)
FMMD0004 User Exit for Checking Values in FM Area (Old)
FMMD0005 User-Defined Screen Fields for CI in Chart of CIs (Old)
FMMD0006 User-Defined Screen Fields for Cmmt Item in FM Area (Old)
FMMD0007 User Exit for Creating/Changing Funds Center in FM Area
FMMD0008 User Exit for Check of Values in Funds Center (Screen 400)
FMMD0009 Customer-Specific Screen Fields for Funds Centers
FMMD0010 User Exit for Copying Commitment Items (Old)
FMMD0011 User exit for copying funds centers
FMMD0012 Customer-Specific Screen Fields for Funds Master Record
FMMD0013 User Exit for creating/changing a fund
FMMD0014 Check User Exit Fund
FMMD0015 User Exit for Creating/Changing a Commitment item (New)
FMMD0016 User Exit for Checking the Commitment Item (New)
FMMD0017 User-Defined Screen Fields for Commitment Items (New)
FMMD0018 User Exit for Copying Commitment Items (New)
FMRESERV Management of Earmarked Funds (Reservations,…)
FMRS_DC1 Menu Exit for Value Adjust., Menu 'Value Adjustment', +DC1
FMRS_DC2 Menu Exit for Value Adjust., Menu 'Value Adjustment', +DC2
FMRS_ED1 Menu for Value Adjustments, Menu 'Edit', +ED1
FMRS_ED2 Menu for Value Adjustments, Menu 'Edit', +ED2
FMRS_EV1 Menu Exit for Value Adjustments, Menu 'Environment', +EV1
FMRS_EV2 Menu Exit for Value Adjustments, Menu 'Environment', +EV2
FMRS_JP1 Menu Exit for Value Adjustments, Menu 'Goto', +JP1
FMRS_JP2 Menu Exit for Value Adjustments, Menu 'Goto', +JP2
FRMLEX01 RMS-FRM: Menu Exit 1 for Formula Management
FRMLEX02 RMS_FRM: Menu Exit 2 for Formula Management
FRMLEX03 RMS-FRM: Menu Exit 1 for Formula Information System
FRMLEX04 RMS-FRM: Menu Exit 2 for Formula Information System
FTGOVSEL Declarations to the authorities: User exit f. selection runs
FTIAT001 Read module for attributes (characteristics and texts)
FTISE001 Derivation of selected TR-TM data (e.g. for reg. reporting)
FTRCON01 FTR: Administration Data Confirmation Status
FTRINCON User exits for confirmation status
FTXW0001 DART: Fill additional fields in SAP export structures
FTXW0002 DART: Add data source (table)
FTXW0003 DART: Extensions to DART area menu FTW0
FV45K001 User exit for determining the credit control area
FV970001 Enhancement for Treasury/Securities/Cash flow calculator
FVBB0001 Determine calculation bases TZFB
FVCH0001 CH-specific enhancements: Esp. POR
FVD20001 User Exit Postprocessing IP Enhanced Loan Selection
FVDA0001 User exit: Loans disbursement at time of PAI
FVDA0002 User exit: Disbursement at time of PBO
FVDB0002 TR-TM-LO: User-Exit Posting Interface, Account Determination
FVDBOOL User Exits for Data General Business Operations
FVDD0002 User exit for document selection
FVDD0003 User exit for selection of correspondence activity
FVDDEBOL Customer Checks for Borrower Change
FVDDEBUI User Exits for Borrower Change
FVDSTATE Enhancement for External Bank Statement
FVDWAIV1 User Exit for Business Operation: Waivers
FVNBO001 Transaction activity – Default value for field
FVNBO101 Post Planned Record for Business Operation
FVNBO102 Post Planned Record for Business Operation 102
FVNBO500 Business Operation: Determine Tax Country
FVP50001 F4 help for clerks (who are stored on VDZSB)
FVPB0001 User exit – Posting interest on arrears
FVVDK001 User Exit for manual postprocessing of SAPscript documents
FVVDP001 Rollover: Create/remove/print offer: Update
FVVW0105 ISIS Securities – sec.account transfer – subscreen
FVVW0110 ISIS Securities – sec.account transfer – create other flows
FVVW0200 ISIS Securities – Maintain sec.account master data
FVZF0001 Release: Excluse individual records from loans list
FVZZEV User Exits for incoming payment distribution MARK
FWF1001 Treasury Securities: Posting Interface
FYTX0001 Control interface for external systems
FYTX0002 Enhancements for tax interface with Max Tax functionality
GDX3AUTH User exit function group GDX3 (exit_saplgdx3_001)
GLFLEX01 User Exits for the Flexible General Ledger
GLFLEX02 Flexible General Ledger: Data Summarization at Co.Code Level
GLFLEX03 Enable Overwrite of Existing Account Assignments
GLMAST01 Enhancement for Master Data – ALE G/L Accounts
GLPLAN00 Enhanced authorization and master data validation
GLX1028 User exit for BAPI_GLflex_GetDocItems (EXIT_SAPL1028_001)
GLX_MD01 Customer-specific user exits
GRWTAUTH Authorization check for Report Writer
GSETNAME Exit replace set or group names
GSL1021A Special Purpose Ledger – Totals Records
GVTRS001 GVTR (SAPFGVTR):Influence balance of account carried forward
HRAUPBS1 Customer Exit for Transfer
HRAUPBS2 Customer Exit for ESS
HRBAS001 Customer Enhancement for Special Personnel Actions
HRCTRCU0 Enhancement for Customer Exits for RPCTRCU0.
HRDECI01 Payroll Construction Industry Allowances/Expenses
HRESSW1 HR-ESS: Internet Scenario Who's Who
HRESSW2 HR: Check Start Date for ESS
HRESSW3 HR: Propose Start Date for ESS
HRESSW4 HR: Password Assignment/User Code for ESS User
HRINCBTD Customer exit enhancements to get Tax Rate
HRINCEPF Customer exit for pension basis
HRINCLWF Customer exit enhancements to get ESGRP,PTGRP and LWGRP
HRINCPTX Enhancement for Professional Tax
HRINDA00 Enhancement to provide customer exit for DA
HRINHRA0 Housing (HRA/CLA/COA) enhancement
HRINHRA1 HR-IN: Customer Exit for IT 0581 validation
HRINITAX Customer exit enhancements for Income tax calculations
HRINPTX1 HR-IN: Exit- Not to generate refund wage type for ptax
HRINRAP1 To calculate eligibility number based on feature value'
HRINRAP2 To calculate date based on the feature value
HRINRAP3 Reimbursement – capturing customer specific data
HRINRAP4 To calculate eligibiltiy amount/number
HRINRAP5 To calculate amount based on INVAL D
HRINRAP6 Carry forward dates as per customer logic
HRINRAP7 Calculate eligibility amount – customer exit
HRINSAN0 Customer enhancement for Superannuation
HRMYC159 Ehancement for customer exit for 159 report
HRMYCTEA Enhancement for Customer Exit for EA form
HRNZLCON HR:NZ – Customer exit for data loading in Leave conversion
HROC0001 Customer enhancement for HR off-cycle – Bonus date
HRP08P11 CLASS Interface Customer/User Exits
HRP08P12 Cust./user exit for function module HR_ME_SELECT_REF_PERNR
HRP08P13 GB Absence Evaluation & Payment Scheme Customer/User Exits
HRP08P14 User exit for personal data similarity check for mult.empl.
HRP08P15 USS Interface Customer/User Exits
HRPAIT01 User exit for infotype 0154
HRPAIT02 User exit for infotype 0155
HRPAIT03 User exit for infotype 0156
HRPAIT04 User exit for infotype 0157
HRPB10EO Enhancement for EO Survey Reports for USA
HRPB22EM Family Allowance for Employment Insurance Japan
HRPB22LO Company Loan Japan
HRPB25AD Enhancement for address conversion routine
HRPB2901 Customer exit for controlling CUIT/CUIL
HRPBAS01 User Exit for HR Master Data
HRPC0001 HR: PC download authorization
HRPC1701 Customer enhancements: Payroll Venezuela
HRPC1702 Enhancements of independent wage type programs
HRPC2901 Customer exits for settlement of salaries
HRPC3201 Enlargements of Mexican customer payroll
HRPC34TX User Exit for Employee Position – Prog. HIDCTAX1 (INDONESIA)
HRPC3701 Extension to Brazilian payroll
HRPC3702 Extension to Brazilian payroll – Unions
HRPC3703 Identification Documents
HRPC3705 Christmas allowance
HRPCAL00 User exit for customer reports in the payroll menu
HRPCMPVA User Exit for Variable Argument – Program RPITIC00
HRPINW01 Incentive Wages: User Exit
HRPTDW01 Time Data Extractor: Provide data for cust.-specific field
HRPTIM01 Customer Enhancement for HR Time Management
HRPTIM02 User exits for HR Time Management: Leave accrual
HRPTIM03 Time Management Enhancement: Absence Quota Deduction
HRPTIM04 Modification of cluster B2 data after import in RPTEDT00
HRPTIM05 User exit for HR Time Management CC1
HRPTIM06 Customer Enhancement for HR Time Management Leave Requests
HRPTIMAB Define absence explicitly
HRPTIMAR Time Mgmt Customer Enhancement: Attendance/Absence Reporting
HRPTIMEW User exit for HR Time Management: Transfer ext. wage types
HRPY0001 Set start/end date for cumulation data records
HRPYBW01 Customer enhancement within statements SAPScript
HRPYIT01 User Exit for 770 (Italy Only)
HRPYIT03 User exits for CUD 2001 (Italy only)
HRPYIT04 User exits for 770 2001 – Master (Italy only)
HRPYIT05 User exits for 770 2001 – Fiscal part -SA (Italy only)
HRPYIT06 User exits for 770 2001 – Welfare part -SA (Entity table)
HRPYIT07 SB section of form 770 for 2001 with interface file
HRPYIT08 SB section of form 770 for 2001: generic case
HRPYIT09 SB section of form 770 for 2001: early retirement & capitals
HRPYIT10 SB section of form 770 for 2001: boxes for heirs
HRPYIT11 User exits for 770 2001 – Section – SD (Assistance 2000)
HRPYIT12 User exits for 770 2001 – Section – SD (Adjustments 2000)
HRPYIT13 User exits for 770 2001 – Section – SD (Settlement 2000)
HRPYIT14 User exits for 770 2001 – Section – SD (CAF data 2000)
HRPYIT15 User exits for 770 2001 – Temse
HRPYIT16 User Exit for 770 – Company change
HRPYIT17 User exits for CUD 2002 – Group 1 (Italy only)
HRPYIT18 User exits for CUD 2002 – Group 2 (Italy only)
HRPYIT24 User exit CUD 2003 (Group 1) (all, except company change)
HRPYIT25 User exit CUD 2003 company change
HRPYPT01 HR-PT: Rounding mechanism for tax and Soc Sec amounts
HRPYPT03 Employee grouping for coverage rules
HRPYPT04 HR-PT: Retrieval of EH&S and training data (Social Balance)
HRPYPT05 HR-PT: pay date calculation for Vacation Allowance
HRPYPT06 HR-PT: Detection of employees for Social Balance
HRPYZVMD User exit for address field when printing SP notifications
HRPYZVMV User exit for distributor key when creating SP notifications
HRTWTAXM User exits for Tax report
HRUSRCU0 Enhancement for Customer Exit for RPCTRCU0.
HRV1AT01 Customer exits for Norwegian annual tax reporting
HRWAOSQ1 SAP Enhancement for Status Quo Report and Employee Profile
HRWBRQ01 HR Recruitment : Web Interface
HRWPCABS Filtering Absence Records
HRWPCAS Convert Availability Status to Attendance Status
HRWPCBL1 Enhancement: iView Birthday Overview
HRWPCEP1 SAP Enhancement for Employee Profile
HRWPCJL1 Enhancment: iView Anniversary Overview
IAOM0001 Change Characteristics of a Controlling Object
IB020001 Filter components
IBIP IBIP: Trans. IBIP Data Transfer
IBPP0001 Filter IBase Components When Generating From PP Data
ICRP0201 Search Help CS_ORG_02: Authorization Check
ICRP0202 Search Help CS_ORG_02: Internally-Programmed Selection
ICRP0203 Search Help CS_ORG_02: Propose Task
ICSV0001 Display of geographic location data
ICSV0002 Automatic task determination for service notifications
ICSV0003 Partner selection
ICSV0004 Check PM object and display object information
ICSV0005 Determining reason for rejection – resource-related billing
ICSV0007 Serial Number Partner Transfer on Goods Issue and Returns
ICSV0008 Validation of additional partner types
IDCP0001 Customer Data for Printing Prenumbered Invoices
IDCP0002 Customer Data for Printing Prenumbered Delivery Notes
IEQM0001 Add. checks for equip. installation at functional locations
IEQM0002 Additional checks for definition of equipment hierarchies
IEQM0003 Additional checks before equipment update
IEQM0004 Object is allowed for contract partner (Order->MaintCont.)
IEQM0005 Object allowed for SD contract (MaintContract->MaintCont.)
IEQM0006 Object allowed for SD contract (Maintain maintenance cont.)
IEQM0007 Check/change manufacturer field in equipment master
IHCL0001 Create equipment using material template: Classes/chars
ILOM0001 Additional checks before saving a functional location
ILOM0002 User exit when checking structure of location numbers
IMRC0001 MeasPoint/MeasDoc: Exit before update (after COMMIT WORK)
IMRC0002 MeasPoint: Menu exit for customer-specific function
IMRC0003 MeasDoc: Menu exit for customer-specific function
IMRC0004 Measure.doc.:Exit according to stndrd checks for new mes.doc
IMRC0005 Measure point: Exit in AUTHORITY_CHECK_IMPT
IMSMCOMM MSM communication enhancement
INTERFAC Interface for data transfer
IPRM0002 Determine planned date info for maintenance plan
IPRM0003 User field: Maintenance plan
IPRM0004 Maintenance plan / item: Customer check for time SAVE""
IPRM0005 Determine Offset for Performance-Based Strategy Plans
IQSM0001 Automatic serial number assignment
IQSM0002 Check when copying object list
IQSM0003 Serial numbers, user exit for additional data
IQSM0004 Serial numbers, user exit after exiting the serial screen
IQSM0005 Serial numbers, user exit in the update
IQSM0007 Serial numbers, user exit for goods movements
IQSM0008 Serial number character string check
ISRE0001 Determine bank procedure account no.
ISRE0002 IPD reporting data retrieval
ITOB0001 PM: Customer include subscreen for techn. obj. master data
ITOB0002 ITOB: Field changes to copy model
ITOB0003 PM: Customer Include subscreen for fleet object data
ITOB0004 PM: Customer Exit fleet identification data: Checks
IWMI0001 User exits for SM/PM IDOCs
IWO10001 Create a PM sub-order
IWO10002 PM maintenance order: Customer check for order release
IWO10004 Maintenance order: Customer check for order completion
IWO10005 Maintenance order: Cust.-specif. determination of profit ctr
IWO10006 Maint. order: Fcode exclusion through cust. enhancement
IWO10007 Maint.order: Customer enhancement – permits in the order
IWO10008 Cust. enhancement: Determination of tax jurisdiction code
IWO10009 PM Order: Customer Check for 'Save' Event
IWO10010 Maint. order: Cust. enhancement for determining WBS element
IWO10011 Maint. order: Customer enhancement for component selection
IWO10012 Maintenance order: Priority handling on central header
IWO10015 Maintenance order: F4 Help for user fields on operation
IWO10016 PM Order: Cust. enhancement to check operation user fields
IWO10017 Determine external order number by customer logic
IWO10018 Maintenance order: User fields on order header
IWO10020 Maintenance order: Automatically include task list
IWO10021 Automatic task list transfer when creating order from notif.
IWO10022 Determine calendar from user exit
IWO10023 Service order: Change header data for advance shipment doc.
IWO10024 Service order: Changes to items for advance shipment
IWO10025 PM/SM order: Finding responsible cost center
IWO10026 User check on setting status 'Do not perform'
IWO10027 User exit: Generate user-defined settlement rule
IWO10029 Inclusion of bill of material in PM/SM order
IWO10030 Preset Fields for Event Object
IWO10031 Hide personnel number in PM/SM order
IWO10033 Customer-Specific Authorization Check Maint./Service Order
IWO10034 Operation status based on the status of capacity reqs
IWO20001 PM order: User exit to pass routing to order
IWOC0001 Create PM/SM notification: Determine reference object
IWOC0002 PM/SM notification: Check whether status change is allowed
IWOC0003 PM/SM authorization check of ref. object and planner group
IWOC0004 Change single-level list editing PM/QM/SM ALV settings
J_1AAA01 Base Value Modification for Revaluation FI-AA
J_1AAM01 User-exit AM waybill printing
J_1AF007 User exit for report J_1AF007
J_1AF011 User exit for J_1AF011
J_1AF012 User exit for J_1AF012
J_1AF105 User Exit for Daily VAT Report
J_1AF106 User Exit for VAT Report with magnetic support
J_1AMM03 User-exit printing MM waybills
J_1ASD05 User-exit additional Argentine data in the order item (SD)
J_1ASD06 User-exit invoice reference in billing document (SD)
J1BF0001 FI Localization (Brazil): Additional Data for Boleto
J1BV0001 Brazil Localisation: SD: Shipping unit for Nota Fiscal
JBRDR001 RM: User Exit in Derivation of Characteristics
JBTK0001 User Exits for STC Fixed Procedures
JBTK0002 SAP Banking: User Exits for STC Without Procedures
JBTK0003 User Exits for Single Trans. Costing with Line Items
JBTK0004 User Exits for STC: Currency Influence Loans
JBTK0005 User Exits for STC: Prepayment Approach
JBTK0006 User Exits for Pre-Costing
JVA-IM-1 Joint Venture: Integration Manager Set Intercompany Lines
JVA_IM_2 User Exit Splitting
JVA_IM_3 User Exit Check Document
KAHFEX01 Selection data for commercial reporting in PS
KAP10001 PS: Hierarchy Reports for Projects
KAP60001 PS: Export Project Key Figures into R/3 EIS
KKAG0001 Period costing in make-to-order production
KKAG0002 Period costing in make-to-order production
KKAG0003 Period costing in make-to-order production
KKAG0004 Results Analysis with Dynamic Items
KKAG0005 Results Analysis
KKAG0006 Enhancement for SAPKKA12
KKAG0007 Results Analysis with Dynamic Items
KKCD0001 SAP-EIS: User exits for data transfer
KKCD0002 Data entry user exit before update
KKDR0001 Global variable extensions for drill-down reporting
KKDR0002 Drill down: Derivation of virtual chars and key figures
KKEK0001 User-defined item category Y in unit costing
KKP00001 User-Defined Material-Plant List
KKRF0001 Function Exit to Classification of AUFK Enhancement
KKRF0002 FE for Conversion Characteristics -> Customer Fields
KKRU0001 User Exit for Text Generation for a Summarization Object
KPSHZIN1 Project interest calc.: Modification of single item table
KPSHZIN2 Project interest calculation: Checking single item relevance
KPSHZIN4 PS/CO Interest Calculation: Customer-Specific Update
KPSPZIN1 Project Planned Interest Calc: Read Relevant Records
KPSPZIN2 Planned Interest Calculation: Check Line Item Relevance
KPSPZIN3 Planned Interest Calc. Define Int.Calc.Finish Date Indiv.
KPSPZIN4 Planned Interest Calculation: Customer-Specific Update
KSDIEX01 Determining expenditures in resource-related billing
LASP0001 PP – Sequencing visualization (order characteristics)
LASP0101 lasp: displaying a desired sequence of schedule records
LEINS001 Statistics Update: Purchasing Documents
LES00001 User Exits for LES
LESHPSC Shipment and Transportation Scheduling: Data Determination
LFVZF001 TR-TM-LO: Exit contract-specific checks FB01
LIFO0040 User interfaces for LIFO valuation
LM61W001 User exits in function module FORECAST environment
LMCWZ001 Communication structures for LIS updating: enhance agency
LMDR2001 User exits restr. profiles of opt. pur.ord.-based load bldg
LMDZU001 User exits in additional planning
LMEDR001 Enhancements to print program
LMEKO001 Extend communications structure KOMK for pricing
LMEKO002 Extend communications structure KOMP for pricing
LMELA002 Adopt batch no. from shipping notification when posting a GR
LMELA010 Inbound shipping notification: Transfer item data from IDOC
LMEQR001 User exit for source determination
LMEWPU06 Customer exit for object determ. (procurement via catalogs)
LMEWPU07 Customer exit to determine allowed catalogs
LMEXF001 Conditions in Purchasing Documents Without Invoice Receipt
LMR1M001 User exits in Logistics Invoice Verification
LMR1M002 Account grouping for GR/IR account maintenance
LMR1M003 Number assignment in Logistics Invoice Verification
LMR1M004 Logistics Invoice Verification: item text for follow-on docs
LMR1M005 Logistics Inv. Verification: Release Parked Doc. for Posting
LMR1M006 Logistics Invoice Verification: Process XML Invoice
LOI00001 User exit for LOI interface
LTBLX001 Limit Management: Free Characteristics
LTBLX002 Limit Management: Customer-Specific Authorization Checks
LTBLX003 Limit Management: Additional Fileds for Limit Maintenance
LTBLX005 Limit Management: Customer Fields for Limit Characteristics
LTBLX006 Limit Management: Customer Fields for Financial Object ID
LWB2B001 Trading Contract: Trading Contract Screen Exits
LWB2B002 Trading contract: Field control enhancements
LWB2B003 Trading contract: Customer enhancement before saving
LWB2B004 Trading contract: Function enhancements
LWB2B005 Tr. contract: Check whether follow-on docs are to be created
LWB2B006 Trading contract: Influence creation with reference
LWB2B007 Trading Contract: Additional Checks Condition Maintenance
LWB2B008 Trading Contract: Additional User Checks
LWB2B009 Trading Contract: External Trading Contract No. Extension
LWBON001 Extend comm. structure MCKONA (busn. vols., rebate income)
LWBON003 Change settlement data before creation of settlement doc.
LWBON004 Simulation of LIS update for detailed statement
LWBON005 Index entries for settlement documents, arrangement settlem.
LWSUS001 Customer-Specific Source Determination in Retail
LWVK0001 Determine pricing type per customer
LWVK1001 Extend Communication Structure KOMK for Pricing
LWVK1002 Extend Communication Structure KOMP for Pricing
LWVK1003 Customer-Specific Check of a Pricing Item
LWVKM001 Competitor: Extend Entry List Header WELPK
LWVKM002 Competitor: Extend Entry List Item WELPP
LWZRE001 Enhancements, agency business condition determination
LWZRE002 Enhancements, document transfer to Financial Accounting
LWZRE003 Enhancements, credit limit check, payment request
LWZRE004 Enhancement: Settlement request document checks
LWZRE005 Enhancement: Settlement request, cash discount determination
LWZRE006 Enhancement: Agency business, result object determination
LWZRE007 Enhancement: Determine Remuneration List Date Agency Busin.
LWZRE008 Enhancement: Enter/change data in cust. fields, payment docs
LWZRE009 Enhancement: Message determination and correspondence
LWZRE010 Enhancement: Account determination, agency business
LWZRE011 Agency business: Screen exits for payment documents
LWZRE012 Enhancement: Adoption of price determ. data in settlmnt docs
LWZRE013 Agency business: Screen exits for vendor billing documents
LWZRE014 Enhancement: Customer-specific field check – billing docs
LWZRE015 Enhancement: Data Adoption, Remuneration List Creation
LWZRE016 Enhancement: Data Adoption, Posting List Creation
LWZRE017 Enhancement: Checks at Time of Saving Settlement Documents
LWZRE018 Enhancement: Checks at Time of Saving Remuneration List
LWZRE019 Enhancement: Checks at Time of Saving Billing Documents
LWZRE020 Enhancement: Checks at Time of Saving Posting List
M06B0001 Role determination for purchase requisition release
M06B0002 Changes to comm. structure for purchase requisition release
M06B0003 Number range and document number
M06B0004 Number range and document number
M06B0005 Changes to comm. structure for overall release of requisn.
M06E0004 Changes to communication structure for release purch. doc.
M06E0005 Role determination for release of purchasing documents
M60E0001 User Exit to Start Planned Independent Requirements Maintnce
M60E0002 User Exit to End Planned Independent Requirements Maintnce
M60P0001 SAPLM60P Interpretation of actions + complex obj. dependency
M61X0001 User exits PP-MRP materials planning
M61X0002 User Exits PP-MRP Material Requirements Planning Evaluations
MBCF0002 Customer function exit: Segment text in material doc. item
MBCF0005 Material document item for goods receipt/issue slip
MBCF0006 Customer function for WBS element
MBCF0007 Customer function exit: Updating a reservation
MBCF0009 Filling the storage location field
MB_CF001 Customer Function Exit in the Case of Updating a Mat. Doc.
MBCF0010 Customer exit: Create reservation BAPI_RESERVATION_CREATE1
MBCF0011 Read from RESB and RKPF for print list in MB26
MBCFC003 Maintenance of batch master data for goods movements
MBCFC004 Maintenance of batch specifications for goods movements
MBCFC010 Propose batch number on Inventory Management item screen
MCB10001 BCO: Statistics update of material movements and inventory
MCBR0001 INVCO: Statistics update from invoice verification, valuatn
MCF20001 PPIS: Statistics update of production orders
MCI10001 MCI1: PMIS/QMIS updating
MCP20001 User exit to read external data for planning table
MCP20002 SOP: define macro calculation for flexible planning
MCP20003 SOP: create function code for flexible planning
MCP20004 SOP: design header information for flexible planning
MCP20005 User exit for authorization check in planning
MCP20006 Exit for processing header info for download in Excel
MCP20007 User Exit for Customer-Defined F4 – Value Request Control
MCP20008 Order processing treatment from IDocs
MCP20009 Extrapolation of Invoiced Sales for OTB
MCP20010 OTB check in the purchase order
MCP20011 User Exit for Processing Data Records to be Updated
MCP20012 User Exit for Excluding Function Codes
MCP20013 User Exit for Once-Only Change to Planning Table
MCP20014 User Exit for Changing Line Text
MCP20015 User exit to set the field names material/plant PBED
MCP20017 User Exit for Influencing Key Figure Block
MCP20018 User Exit for Enhancing a Level of a Planning Hierarchy
MCP20020 User exit for reading info structure when transferring reqts
MCP20021 User exit for modifying parameter when transferring f.reqts
MCP20022 User Exit for Displaying Forecast Results
MCP20023 User Exit for Checking Duplicate Char. Combinations
MCP20024 User-Exit for Inputing forecast parameters
MCP20025 User Exit for Saving Forecasts
MCP20026 Planning hierarchy tool: Enhancement of characteristics
MCQ10001 QMIS: Update for the event usage decision (QV)
MCQ20001 QMIS: Update for the event Inspection result
MCR00001 LIS: Authorization check for standard analyses
MCR00002 Standard analyses: Key figure display
MCS10001 SIS: Statistics update, sales documents
MCS50001 SIS: Statistics update, deliveries
MCS60001 SIS: Statistics update, invoices
MCST0001 SIS: Statistics Update Transportation
MCV20001 SIS: Statistics update: sales activities/sales promotions
MCW10001 RIS: Updating of SP change
MCYA0001 Enhancement: LIS Early Warning System, Characteristic Values
MCYA0002 Function Exit: Early Warning System (Fax Symbols)
MD070001 User Exit for MDL1
MDR10001 Enhancement of the rounding function module
ME590001 Grouping of requsitions for PO split in ME59
MEAG0001 Distribution of Contract/Scheduling Agreement from CRM
MEETA001 Define schedule line type (backlog, immed. req., preview)
MEFLD004 Determine earliest delivery date f. check w. GR (only PO)
MELAB001 Gen. forecast delivery schedules: Transfer schedule implem.
MENUCRQ0 QM: Enhancement in CRQ0 Menu (Work Center)
MENUQA00 QM: Enhancement in QA00 Area Menu (Quality Inspection)
MENUQB00 QM: Enhancements in QB00 Area Menu (QM in Procurement)
MENUQD00 QM: Enhancement in QD00 Menu (Archiving)
MENUQM00 QM: Enhancements in QM00 Area Menu (Quality Notification)
MENUQMM0 QM: Enhancements in QMM0 Menu (Material-Related Q. Planning)
MENUQP00 QM: Enhancements in QP00 Area Menu (Inspection Planning)
MENUQS00 QM: Enhancements in QS00 Area Menu (Basic Data)
MENUQT00 QM: Enhancement in QT00 Area Menu (Test Equipment)
MENUQV00 QM: Enhancements in QV00 Area Menu (QM in SD)
MENUQZ00 QM: Enhancements in QZ00 Area Menu (Quality Certificate)
MEQUERY1 Enhancement to Document Overview ME21N/ME51N
MEREQ001 Customers' Own Data in Purchase Requisition
MEVME001 WE default quantity calc. and over/ underdelivery tolerance
MGA00001 Material Master (Industry): Checks and Enhancements
MGA00002 Material Master (Industry): Number Assignment
MGA00003 Material Master (Industry and Retail): Number Display
MGV00001 Material Master (Industry): ALE Distribution
MGV00002 Material Master (Industry): Read Values for Filter Objects
MGV00003 Material master (retail): ALE distribution
MGW00001 Material Master (Retail): Additional Data
MGW00002 Material Master (Retail): Number Assignment
MKKS0001 Variances: Automatic Job Scheduling in Subsequent Period
MM06E001 User exits for EDI inbound and outbound purchasing documents
MM06E002 IDOC processing for contracts in inbox
MM06E003 Number range and document number
MM06E004 Control import data screens in purchase order
MM06E005 Customer fields in purchasing document
MM06E007 Change document for requisitions upon conversion into PO
MM06E008 Monitoring of contr. target value in case of release orders
MM06E009 Relevant texts for Texts exist" indicator"
MM06E010 Field selection for vendor address
MM06E011 Activate PReq Block
MM06L001 Exits to determine ratings in vendor evaluation
MM08R001 User exits for ERS
MM08R002 User exit for tolerance checks
MM61W001 User exits in function module FORECAST environment
MMAL0001 ALE source list distribution: Outbound processing
MMAL0002 ALE source list distribution: Inbound processing
MMAL0003 ALE purcasing info record distribution: Outbound processing
MMAL0004 ALE purchasing info record distribution: Inbound processing
MMDA0001 Default delivery addresses
MMFAB001 User exit for generation of release order
MPKB0001 User's own functions in the Kanban processing
MPKB0002 Customer defined display in kanban board
MPKC0001 User exit for kanban calculation
MPKD0001 Kanban output as EDI
MPKP0001 Customer Defined Display in Kanban Board
MPKR0001 Customer fields in kanban control cycle
MPR10001 User Exits in TA MPR1 (External Forecast Transfer)
MPRO0004 Postprocessing of forecast errors and exception messages
MRMH0001 Logistics Invoice Verification: ERS procedure
MRMH0002 Logistics Invoice Verification: EDI inbound
MRMH0003 Logistics Invoice Verification: Revaluation/RAP
MRMN0001 Message output and creation: Logistics Invoice Verification
MSSTV001 Customer Exit 'Team Viewer': Exclude Manager
MV56AINI Initialization of transaction control for transportation
MVEIPREF User exits – Preference determination
MWM2S001 Exit to Determine 2-Step Picking Characteristic
MWMBAP01 Enhancement for BAPI WarehouseTransOrder.GetDetail
MWMBAP02 Enhancement for BAPI WarehouseStock.GetDetail
MWMD0001 Transfer order print via RLVSDR40
MWMD0002 Transfer order print as multiple process with RLKOMM40
MWMIDI01 Enhancement for error handling with IDOC inbox
MWMIDI02 Enhancement for mssge WMTOCO (Confirm transfer order) Inbox
MWMIDI03 Enhancement for mssge WMCATO (Cancel transfer order) Inbox
MWMIDI04 Enhancement for mssge WMBBIN (Lock storage bin) Inbox
MWMIDI05 Enhancement for mssge WMTREQ (Create transfer req.) Inbox
MWMIDI06 Enhancement for mssge WMSUMO (Move storage unit) Inbox
MWMIDI07 Enhancement for Output WMPIHU (Create Pick-HU) Inbound
MWMIDO01 Enhancement of IDOCs WMTOID01 (Transport request) Outbox
MWMIDO02 Enhancement of IDOCs WMCAID01 (Cancel transfer req.) Outbox
MWMIDO03 Enhancement of IDOCs WMRRID01 (release ref. no.) Outbox
MWMIDO04 Enhancement of IDOCs WMIVID01 (system inventory rec.) Outbox
MWMIDO07 Enhancement for error handling for IDOC inbox: PDC
MWMIDO08 Enhancement for message WMMBXY (goods movement) Inbox
MWMIDO09 Enhancement for msg. WMINVE (count data, phys. invnt.) Inbox
MWMIDO10 Enhancement for msg. WMTORD (Generate transfer order) Inbox
MWMIDO11 Enhancement for message WMTORD: TO with several items
MWMIDO12 Enhancement for Output WMPIHU (Pick-HUs) Outbound
MWMIDO13 Extension for WMMBXY (subsequent tasks after goods movement)
MWMK0001 Warehouse management: Customer exit for storage unit number
MWMMOB01 Enhancement for Verification Field in the Warehouse Master
MWMMOB02 Extension for Barcode Translation
MWMPP001 Enhancement WM/PP Interface (automatic TR generation)
MWMRF001 RF: Influence Display of material description
MWMRFCOD Enhancement for function codedisabling
MWMRFDLV select delivery by user criteria
MWMRFPRT Enhancement for printing
MWMRFSSG user exit for sorting TOs in RF system-guided transaction
MWMRFUP Customer defined general purpose pushbutton called from scr.
MWMRP001 Cust. Exit for Fixed Bin Replenish.: Delivery Item Selection
MWMRP002 Cust. Exit for Fixed Bin Replenishment: TR Quantity Distr.
MWMRP003 Customer Exit for Replenishment using RLLNACH1
MWMRP004 User Exit for Replenishment using RLLNACH4
MWMTO001 Enhancements for end of transfer order generation
MWMTO002 Enhancements at end of transfer order confirmation
MWMTO003 Own stock placement strategy
MWMTO004 Own stock removal strategy
MWMTO005 Underdelivery
MWMTO006 Overdelivery and with restriction, also underdelivery
MWMTO007 Palletization and storage type search for stock placement
MWMTO008 Storage type search for stock removal
MWMTO009 Prevent the TA items being deleted
MWMTO010 Exit: Calculation of Total Planned TO Processing Time
MWMTO011 Correction of Planned Processing Time for TO Item
MWMTO012 Correction of Sorting and Split Transfer Order
MWMTO013 Stock Removal for Sev. Storage Types as in Stringent FIFO
MWMTOAU1 Own sel. of transfer reqs. for auto. transfer order creation
MWMTOAU2 Own selection for auto. transfer order creation via ref. no.
MWMTOAU3 Separate selection of posting changes for autom.TO creation
MWMTR001 Exits at the end of transfer rqmnt creation (IM,PP interf.)
MYCATS01 Enhancement of Picklists for CATS notebook
MYCATS02 Send Customer Table or Standard Texts to CATS notebook
MYCATS03 Supplement Offline Time Data
MYCATS04 CATS notebook: Influence Synchronization Messages
NIWE0000 Change quantities within scope of balance sheet valuation
NIWE0001 Lowest value determination based on market prices
NIWE0002 Lowest value determination by range of coverage or movement
NIWE0003 Loss-Free Valuation
NWTM0001 Set Field Contents for Event Date Type
NWTM0002 Display source document
NWTM0003 Structure of the Objects for Monitoring Dates
OMCUST00 Enhancements to Customizing for iPPE Obj. Dependency Editor
ORBF0001 Enhancements to Project-Related Incoming Orders
P01ABAV2 HR-CPS: User exist for calculation method
P01ABAV3 HR-CPS: USer exits for surviving dependant's pension
P01ABAV4 HR-CPS: Creation and print report for statements
P01ABAV5 HR-CPS: Customer exits for pension calculation
P01ABAV6 HR-CPS: Customer exits CPF supplementary programs
P01ABAV7 Interface to Actuarial Assessor
P01ABAV8 Processing of basic pension payments
P01ABAV9 Payroll functions for salary conversion
PA30CAR1 Customer exit for price regulation
PA30CAR2 Customer exit for maintenance regulation
PA30CRM1 Calculation of EE´s own contribution for company car (DK)
PACKING Enhancement for Changes in Packing
PACKMODI User exit for customer-specific functions for shipping matls
PADR0001 PA: Derivation of Financial Object from Transaction
PARA0001 Enhancement for Determining the Number of Periods
PARA0002 Enhancement for Calculating Annual Salary; IT0008,14,15
PATS0001 Customer enhancement to FB HR_AT_GET_ORG_DATA
PB020001 HR-CH: Customer Exit for Pension Age Determination
PB160001 Get Grade for Employment Equity Reporting
PB160002 Salary packaging Customer exit for scheme selection
PB160003 Customer exit – converting amounts
PBAS0001 PA: Pers.Admin./Recruitment: Default values and checks
PBAS0002 PA: Enhancements for Personnel Administration – Menu
PBASRP01 PA: User exit distributed reporting
PBEN0001 Customer enhancement for feature BAREA (benefit area)
PBEN0002 Customer enhancement for feature BENGR(1st program grouping)
PBEN0003 Customer enhancement for feature BSTAT(2nd program grouping)
PBEN0004 Customer enhancement for feature CSTV1 (cost grouping)
PBEN0005 Customer enhancement for feature CRDV1 (credit grouping)
PBEN0006 Customer enhancement for feature ELIGR(eligibility grouping)
PBEN0007 Customer enhancement for feature TRMTY (termination type)
PBEN0008 Customer enhancement for function HR_BEN_CALC_BENEFIT_COST
PBEN0009 Customer enhancement for function HR_BEN_CALC_BENEFIT_CREDIT
PBEN0010 Customer enhancement for function HR_BEN_CALC_BENEFIT_SALARY
PBEN0011 Customer enhancement: function HR_BEN_CALC_COVERAGE_AMOUNT
PBEN0012 Customer enhancement for form CALC_ELIG_DATE
PBEN0013 Customer enhancement for form CALC_TERM_DATE
PBEN0014 Customer enhancement: Func. HR_BEN_CALC_BENEFIT_ER_CONTRIB
PBEN0015 Customer enhancement for CHECK_ELIG_SERVICE format
PBEN0016 Customer enhancement: funct. HR_BEN_CALC_PARTICIPATION_DATE
PBEN0017 Customer enhancement for feature EVTGR (adjustment grouping)
PBEN0018 Customer enhancement for feature COVGR (coverage grouping)
PBEN0019 Customer enhancement for feature EECGR (EE contr. grouping)
PBEN0020 Customer enhancement for feature ERCGR (ER contr. grouping)
PBEN0022 Customer enhancement: function HR_BEN_GET_PROCESS_DATES
PBEN0023 Customer enhancement: function HR_BEN_CALC_CUTOFF_AGE
PBEN0024 Customer enhancement: function HR_BEN_CALC_CUTOFF_LOS
PBEN0025 Customer enhancement: fucntion HR_BEN_CALC_CUTOFF_SAL
PBEN0027 Customer Enhancement for Feature LDAYW (Last Day of Week)
PBEN0028 Customer Enhancement Function HR_BEN_CALC_BENEFIT_EE_CONTRIB
PBEN0029 Customer enhancement for feature RLPGR (dep./benef. group)
PBEN0030 Customer enhancement function: HR_BEN_CALC_LENGTH_OF_SERVICE
PBEN0033 obssolete: Cust. enhanc. for funct. HR_BEN_GET_IDOC_EVENTS
PBENUS01 Customer enhancement for Years of service calculation (403b)
PBENUS02 Customer enhancement for service date calculation (403b)
PC012001 HR-DST: User exit for income tax certificate RPCSTBD0
PC020001 HR-CH: user exits for family equalization fund
PC050001 PY NL: User Exit for Annual Statement Employee
PC050002 PY NL: User Exit for CBS Record
PC050003 PY NL: User Exits for Pension Calculation in Payroll
PC060002 HRMS France User Exits for Absence Handling
PC070001 HR-CA: User Exit for Canadian Year-End Reporting
PC080001 HR-GB: Userexit for GB payrolls – pensions
PC080002 HR-GB: user exits outside the payroll driver
PC080003 HR-GB: User exit for GB payroll – tax
PC120001 Creation of daydetails table in payroll calculation Belgium
PC120002 PY-BE: User Exits for SI-Tape
PC120003 PY-BE: User Exits for Belcotax
PC20AARG Customer exits for AA-registeret
PC20ERC Customer exits for ERC and tax reporting (Terminrapporten)
PC20SSBL Customer Exists for Norwegian SSB statistical reporting
PC270001 HR-HK:User exit for YOS calculation
PC270002 HR-HK: user exit for quarter detail in tax report IR56 forms
PC270004 user exit for definded special field in IR56 forms
PC270005 user exit for print out special fields in IR56 forms
PC270006 HK:cumulate for IR56B not submit&retro diff forward next yea
PC270010 HR-HK: user exit for composing addresses
PCA00001 EC-PCA: Document changes for data transfer
PCA00002 Profit Center Accounting: derivation of representative mat.
PCA00003 Derive Partner Profit Center for External Deliveries
PCA00004 Check valuation for invoice verification with transfer price
PCA00005 Check valuation for invoice verification with transfer price
PCAAUTHO Enhancement: Authorization check in EC-PCA
PCACRM01 Substitution of Profit Center from CRM Characteristics
PCALM001 HR-DK: Modification of parameters to PBS
PCASELEK EC-PCA: Selection criteria for data transfer
PCATP001 EC-PCA: user exit for finding transfer prices
PCCD0001 ECM: customer error in change master
PCCD0002 ECM: check values for effectivity type
PCCD0003 ECM: Check when setting a system status
PCCD0004 ECH: Check before saving the change number
PCCD0005 ECM: Check following initial screen (dynpro 100)
PCCD0006 Parameter effectivity: Format effectivity output control
PCLM0001 Customer enhancements for fucntion Claims Processing
PCLM0002 Customer enhancements for Claims transaction processing
PCMP0001 Compensation-Budget: Initialise a Budget
PCMP0002 Compensation Management: Not Used! (Eligibility)
PCMP0003 Compensation Management: Not Used! (Effective Date)
PCMP0004 Compensation Management: Not Used! (Guidelines)
PCMP0005 Compensation Mgmt: User-defined Guidelines
PCMP0006 Compensation Management: Determine Eligibility
PCMP0007 Compensation Management: Effective Date Adjustment Type
PCMP0008 Compensation Management: Calculation Variant for Guidelines
PCMP0009 Compensation Management: Calculation Base
PCMP0010 Compensation Management: Activate Compensation Adjustments
PCOB0001 Customer-specific COBRA letters
PCOB0004 Customer enhancement for FM 'HR_BEN_COB_GET_TOTAL_COSTS'
PCPO0001 Customer exits for posting payroll results
PCSD0001 Applications development R/3 BOMS
PCSD0002 BOMs: Customer fields in item
PCSD0003 BOMs: Customer fields in header
PCSD0004 BOM comparison
PCSD0005 BOMs: component check for material items
PCSD0006 Mass changes user exit
PCSD0007 Check changes in STKO
PCSD0008 WBS BOM: Customer-specific explosion for creating
PCSD0009 Order/WBS BOM, determine URL page
PCSD0010 Order/WBS BOM, determine explosion date
PCSD0011 Knowledge-based order BOM, parallel update
PCSD0012 Customer – Mat. number/mat. number during material exchange
PCSD0013 Customer-specific processing of an explosion for BOM browser
PCSD0014 Knowledge-Based Order BOM: Status
PDCDOWN1 Add. requirements for PDC download of operation data
PF000001 HR-PF: User Exit for Process Control
PF020001 HR-PF-CH: User Exit for Processing Control
PK020001 HR-CH: User Exit processing control Pension fund CH""
PLAT0001 Change description/infotext for a bar
PLNV0001 Function exits for Norwegian Loan and Deposit Notification
PMMN0002 HR Funds and Position Management: Extended Menu Control
PMMN0003 HR-FPM: Enhancement to Menu in Organization Component
PMMN0004 HR-FPM: Enhancement to Menu in Organization Component
PMMN0005 HR-FPM: Enhancement to Menu in Employee Component
PMMN0006 HR-FPM: Enhancement to Menu in Employee Component
PMMN0007 Enhancement to Additional Info in Organization Component
PMMN0008 Enhancement to Additional Info in Employee Component
PMMN0009 HR-FPM: Enhancement to Menu in Overall Budget Component
PMMN0010 HR-FPM: Enhancement to Menu in Overall Budget Component
PMMN0011 Enhancement to Additional Info in Overall Budget Component
PMMN0012 Customer Enhancement Financing Assistant
PMMN0013 Customer-Specific Enhancement After Payroll Simulation
PMMN0014 Customer Enhancement after Payroll Simulation II
PO100406 HR-PSG: Enhancement of pension information procedure
POUT0001 Payroll Outsourcing User Exit – Customizing
PPAPO002 Publication of APO Data in Transfer from APO to R/3
PPAPO003 Production Order R/3->APO: Check if Operation is APO-Relev.
PPAPO004 Planned Order Conversion from APO: New BOM Explosion?
PPAPO005 Enh. of Relationships in Proc. Order during Transfer to APO
PPAPO006 Influencing Initial Supply of Manufacturing Orders
PPAPO007 Overriding Checkbox Fields for Production Order APO -> R/3
PPAPO008 Override Order Type for Planned Order Conversion
PPAPO009 Customer Exit for Addition of Components and Items
PPAPO010 Filtering Components out of Quantity Propagation
PPAPO011 Performance-Related Adjustment of Remaining Duration
PPCO0001 Application development: PP orders
PPCO0002 Check exit for setting delete mark / deletion indicator
PPCO0003 Check exit for order changes from sales order
PPCO0004 Sort and processing exit: Mass processing orders
PPCO0005 Storage location/backflushing when order is created
PPCO0006 Enhancement to specify defaults for fields in order header
PPCO0007 Exit when saving production order
PPCO0008 Enhancement in the adding and changing of components
PPCO0009 Enhancement in goods movements for prod. process order
PPCO0010 Enhancement in make-to-order production – Unit of measure
PPCO0012 Production Order: Display/Change Order Header Data
PPCO0013 Change priorities of selection crit. for batch determination
PPCO0014 Select process orders for external relationships
PPCO0015 Additional check for document links from BOMs
PPCO0016 Additional check for document links from master data
PPCO0017 Additional check for online processing of document links
PPCO0018 Check for changes to production order header
PPCO0019 Checks for changes to order operations
PPCO0020 Process order: Display/change order header data
PPCO0021 Release Control for Automatic Batch Determination
PPCO0022 Determination of Production Memo
PPCO0023 Checks Changes to Order Components
PPCP0001 P.Cost Planning: Additional Cost Elements for Person
PPEACT01 Customer Fields at Mode D
PPECMP01 Customer Fields for CMP Node
PPECMP02 Customer Fields: CMP Variants
PPEGEN01 General Engineering Node: Customer Fields
PPERES01 Customer Fields at RES Node
PRQ_BAPI User Exits for Payment Request BAPIs
PRSM0001 Customer enhancements in master data IDoc processing
PSCVL001 PSC Enhancements
PTIM2001 Time recording: Default values for activity allocation
PTIM2002 Time recording: Default values for cost assignment
PTIM2003 Time recording: Default values for external services
PTIM2004 Time recording: Validation of activity allocation
PTIM2005 Time recording week screen: Attendance/absence type defaults
PTIM2006 Time recording week screen: Complete validation
PTIM2007 Generate Monthly Work Schedule
PTIMTMW Customer-Specific Fields in Table Controls for TMW
PTRM0001 User Exit for Lead Column in REM Planning Table
PTWAO001 Time Leveling/Incentive Wages Check MiniApp
PTWAOSAL Customer-Specific Info Field
QAAT0001 Inspection type determination different from variant 01
QAAT0002 Control of acceptance lots/goods receipt
QAPO0001 Inspection Lot Transfer to APO: Initial Data Trans./CCR Tool
QAPO0002 Inspection Lot Transfer to APO: Change to CIF R/3 Data
QAPO0003 Insp. Lot Transfer to APO: Change to Times in CIF R/3 Format
QAPP0001 User exit QAPP 1 (create inspection point)
QAPP0002 User exit QAPP 2 (create inspection point & other data)
QAPP0003 User exit QAPP 3 (IDI: inspection point and other data)
QAPP0004 Customer exit 4 for insp. point proc. (partial lot default)
QAPP0005 Create partial lot
QAPP0006 User function key call 001 (CTRL-F11) and confirmation ID
QAPP0007 User function key call 002 (CTRL-F12)
QBCK0001 Enhancements to function module group QBCK
QBCK0002 Extended check in procurement
QBCK0003 Extended QM check for goods receipt
QC100001 QM certificates: User exit for list of batches used
QC100002 QM certificates: User-defined initialization option
QC100003 QM certificates: Before and after cert. profile determinatn
QC100004 QM Certificates: User-Exit Before Call-Up of Form Printout
QC100006 QM Certificates: User-Exit After Selecting Delivery Data
QC100007 User-Exit for Changing Certififcate Profile Characteristics
QC100008 QM certificates: User exit for changing the customer number
QCE10001 Enhancement Modules: Electronic Certificate Dispatch
QCE10002 QM: Enhancement to IDoc Type QALITY02
QCE10003 QM: Quality Data Exchange of Electronic Cert. in Insp. Lot
QCPA0001 Certificates: Assign control data of certif. profile char.
QCPA0002 Certs: Criteria restriction insp.lot/ptl lot selection
QCPA0003 Certificates: Fill new fields to find certificate profiles
QCPA0004 QM Cert. Profile Menu: Cert. Profile Function Code +US4
QCPA0005 QM Certificate Profile Menu: Edit Function Code +US5
QCPA0006 QM Certificate Profile Menu: Environment Function Code +US6
QCPA0007 QM Certificates: Include Characteristics in Cert. Profile
QCPA0008 QM Certificate Profile: Header Data Subscreen
QCPR1001 QM GR certificates: Before sending the certificate request
QCWA0001 QM: Quality Certificates on the World Wide Web
QDSE0001 Enhancement to affect Q position
QDSE0002 Changing the current insp. stage for sample determination
QDSE0003 Influencing init. insp. stage on autom. qual. level creation
QEEM0002 User exit add. functions after reading inspection features
QEEM0003 User exit: add. functions after valuating insp. characs
QEEM0004 User exit: add. functions after valuation of partial samples
QEEM0006 User exit: add. functions after closing inspection characs
QEEM0007 User exit: add. functions after completing partial samples
QEEM0011 User exit: add. functions before valuating insp. characs
QEEM0012 User exit: add. functions before valuating partial samples
QEEM0015 User exit: add. functions after entering individual results
QEEM0020 User exit: additional functions after entering the inspector
QEEM0021 User exit: additional functions for user key +US1
QEEM0022 User exit: additional functions for user key +US2
QEEM0023 User exit: additional functions for user key +US3
QEEM0024 User exit: additional functions for user key +US4
QEEM0029 User-Exit for Characteristic Overview Subscreen
QEEM0030 User-Exit for Subscreen: Characteristic Single Screen
QEEM0031 User-Exit for Table Structure with External Numbers
QEEM0032 Presentation of the characteristic text in the logon lang.
QEEV0001 Enhancement AFTER creation of preset tables
QEEV0002 User exit cr. feature input inspect. lot before dyn. modfc.
QEEV0003 Determination of order type for print
QEVA0001 Enhancement: Quantity posting for usage decision
QEVA0002 Calculation of share of scrap in inspection lot
QEVA0003 Calculate Next inspection date" for batch"
QEVA0004 Exit for changing information line in usage decision header
QEVA0005 User subscreen for displaying add. data for usage decision
QEVA0006 Entry to usage decision transactions
QEVA0007 UD: Control of compulsory comment or long text presetting
QEVA0008 Usage decision: Customer function key (e.g. to cancel UD)
QEVA0009 UD: Predefinition of quantity to be posted to sample stock
QEVA0010 UD: Usage decision check
QIRF0021 QIRF_SEND_INSP_REQUIRMENTS – before processing
QIRF0022 QIRF_SEND_INSP_REQUIRMENTS – after processing
QIRF0051 QIRF_SEND_INSP_DATA_FOR_WL – before processing
QIRF0052 QIRF_SEND_INSP_DATA_FOR_WL – after processing
QIRF0101 QIRF_GET_ORIGINAL_VALUES – before processing
QIRF0102 QIRF_GET_ORIGINAL_VALUES – after updating
QIRF0111 QIRF_GET_SAMPLE_VALUES – before processing
QIRF0112 QIRF_GET_SAMPLE_VALUES – after updating
QIRF0121 QIRF_GET_FEATURE_VALUES – before processing
QIRF0122 QIRF_GET_FEATURE_VALUES – after updating
QIRF0131 QIRF_GET_ALL_DATA_VALUES – before processing
QIRF0132 QIRF_GET_ALL_DATA_VALUES – after updating
QIRF0141 QIRF_GET_USAGE_DECISION – before processing
QIRF0142 QIRF_GET_USAGE_DECISION – after updating
QIRF0171 QIRF_GET_INSP_POINT – before processing
QIRF0172 QIRF_GET_INSP_POINT – after updating
QIST0002 Generating MATERIAL_DATA for QM STI Interface
QIST0003 Generating VENDOR_DATA for QM STI Interface
QIST0004 Generating CHARACTERISTIC_HEADER for QM STI Interface
QIST0007 Generating SAMPLE_HEADER for QM STI Interface
QIST0009 Generating RESULTS_QUANTITATIVE for QM STI Interface
QIST0010 Generating REPORT_HEADER for QM STI Interface
QIST0011 Generating METHOD_DATA for QM STI Interface
QLCO0001 QM: Call alternative costs report from UD
QLCO0002 QM: Recording of appraisal costs: Presetting of conf. data
QLIB0001 QM: Vendor evaluation
QLIB0002 Determination of complaint score for vendor evaluation
QMCF0001 Loading values from material specification/ configuration
QMSB0001 User exit after reading in inspection catalog data
QMSC0001 User exit after reading in inspection method data
QMSC0002 User exit for search field entry in the inspection method
QMSC0003 User exit after saving inspection method data
QMSD0001 User exit after importing master inspection charac. data
QMSD0002 User exit for search field entry in master insp. charac.
QMSD0003 User exit after saving master inspection charac. data
QMSP0001 Read specification values
QMSP0002 Transfer characteristics results to class system
QMSP0003 After QM batch valuation
QPAA0001 Enhancements: Formula checking / editing
QPAA0002 Customer exit – info fields
QPAA0003 Additional (auth.) check in plan (inspection chars.)
QPAA0004 Enhancement for transferring mstr insp. char. to task lists
QPAA0005 Deactivation of functions for insp. char. maintenance
QPAA0006 Additional consistency checks – inspection characteristics
QPAP0001 Enhancement – plan reading
QPAP0002 Enhancement for material/plan assignment, plan selection
QPAP0003 Conversion of sample unit of measure to material unit
QPGR0020 Customer Exit ExtensionParameter ALE Interface Code Group
QPL10001 QM: Inspection lot creation – editing work area on creation
QPL10003 Sample calculation for inspection lot without plan
QPL10004 User subscreen for displaying additional data in insp. lot
QPL10007 QM: Inspection lot creation – change QM order type
QPMK0001 Modify Master Inspection Characteristic Data at Creation
QPMK0002 Customer Exit: Change Master Insp. Characteristic Version
QPMK0003 Customer Exit: Delete Master Inspection Characteristic
QPMK0004 Customer Exit: Delete Validity Period of Master Insp. Char.
QPMK0010 Cust. Exit: Receiving System-ALE Distr. of Mast. Insp. Chars
QPMK0020 Customer Exit: ALE Distribution of Master Insp. Char.
QPRS0001 Physical Sample: Definition for Customer – Function Codes
QPRS0002 Number Allocation: Physical Sample Record
QPRS0003 Include screen in phys. sample rec. to dsply/chng. add. data
QPRS0004 Presettings for Manual Creation of Samples
QPRS0005 Service of customer include fields during automatic creation
QPSD0001 Methods list for reading a characteristic version: yes/no
QQMA0001 QM/PM/SM: User Subscreen for Notification Header
QQMA0002 QM: Authorization Check for Entry into Notif. Transaction
QQMA0003 QM: User data" Function in "Goto" Menu"
QQMA0004 QM: User data" Function in "Goto –> Item" Menu"
QQMA0005 QM: Check Validity of Status Change
QQMA0006 QM: Automatic Task Determination for Quality Notifications
QQMA0007 QM: Default Values when Creating a Notification
QQMA0008 QM/PM/SM: User Subscreen for Additional Data on Notif. Item
QQMA0009 QM: Predefine QM Order Parameters
QQMA0010 QM/PM/SM: User Subscreen for Additional Data on Cause
QQMA0011 QM/PM/SM: User Subscreen for Additional Data on Task
QQMA0012 QM/PM/SM: User Subscreen for Additional Data on Activity
QQMA0013 QM: Default Values when Creating a Task
QQMA0014 QM/PM/SM: Checks before saving a notification
QQMA0015 QM/PM/SM: User-Exit before Call-Up of F4 Help on Catalogs
QQMA0016 QM/PM/SM: User data" Function "Goto" –> "Task" Menu"
QQMA0017 QM/PM/SM: User data" Function "Goto" –> "Activity" Menu"
QQMA0018 QM/PM/SM: Deadline setting based on entered priority
QQMA0019 QM/PM/SM: Default Partner when Creating a Notification
QQMA0020 QM: Determining BOM Usage at BOM explosion
QQMA0021 QM/PM/SM: Function User data" in "Goto" menu"
QQMA0022 QM/PM/SM: User data" function in "Goto -> Causes" menu"
QQMA0023 QM/PM/SM: User data" function in "Goto -> Item" menu"
QQMA0024 QM/PM/SM Deactivate function codes in CUA menu
QQMA0025 PM/SM: Default values when adding a notification
QQMA0026 PM/SM: Auth. check when accessing notification transaction
QQMA0027 PM/SM: Default values when adding a task
QQMA0028 QM: Create notif. from confirmation of production order
QQMA0029 QM/PM/SM: Change Notification Type
QQMA0030 Check validity of status change
QREO0001 Retention period in the achiving of QM transaction data
QSMT0001 Modify Inspection Method Data at Creation
QSMT0002 Modify Data when Changing an Inspection Method Version
QSMT0003 Modify Data when Deleting an Inspection Method Version
QSMT0004 Modify Data when Deleting Validity Status for Insp. Method
QSMT0010 Receiving Systems for ALE Distribution of Inspection Methods
QSMT0020 Customer Exit: Replicate BAPI Insp. Method (Create IDOCs)
QSS10001 Possibility of calling a different print report
QTXT0001 QM Long Texts : Change Change Indicator
QVDM0001 Customer functions for info fields in Table QVDM
QVDM0002 Customer functions for authorization checks in SAPMQVDM
QVDM0003 Determ. of deliv. type for inspection lots from deliv. note
RC1A0001 EH&S: Filer for Potentially Modified Reports (WL Gen.)
RC1A0002 EH&S: Enhancement to Substance Data before Check (WL Gen.)
RFAVIS01 Customer Exit for Changing Payment Advice Segment Text
RFBVX001 Enhancement for bank directory transfer (Austria)
RFDRRANZ User exits: Accounts Receivable Information System
RFEPOS00 Line item display: Checking of selection conditions
RFFMBW00 Transfer of document number table determined externally
RFFOX001 Frame for user exit RFFOX001 (in program RFFOD__L)
RFFOX002 Frame for user exit RFFOX002 (in program RFFOD__U)
RFFOX003 Frame for user exit RFFOX003 (in program RFFOM100)
RFFOX021 Frame for user exit RFFOX021 (in program RFFONL_I)
RFFOX022 Frame for user exit RFFOX022 (in program RFFONL_I)
RFFOX041 Framework for user exit RFFOX041 (in program RFFOBE_I)
RFFOX042 Framework for user exit RFFOX042 (in program RFFOBE_E)
RFFOX043 Framework for user exit RFFOX043 (in program RFFOBE_D)
RFFOX061 Frame for user exit RFFOX061 (in program RFFOCH_P)
RFFOX062 Frame for user exit RFFOX062 (in program RFFOCH_P)
RFFOX063 Frame for user exit RFFOX063 (in program RFFOCH_P)
RFFOX064 Frame for user exit RFFOX064 (in program RFFOCH_P)
RFFOX065 Frame for user exit RFFOX065 (in program RFFOCH_P)
RFFOX066 Frame for user exit RFFOX066 (in program RFFOCH_P)
RFFOX071 Frame for user exit RFFOX071 (in program RFFOCH_U)
RFFOX072 Frame for user exit RFFOX072 (in program RFFOCH_U)
RFFOX073 Frame for user exit RFFOX073 (in program RFFOCH_U)
RFFOX074 Frame for user exit RFFOX074 (in program RFFOCH_U)
RFFOX075 Frame for user exit RFFOX075 (in program RFFOCH_U)
RFFOX081 Frame for user exit RFFOX081 (in program RFFOF__T)
RFFOX082 Frame for user exit RFFOX082 (in program RFFOF__T)
RFFOX100 Frame for user exit RFFOX100 (in program RFFOUS_T)
RFFOX101 Frame for user exit RFFOX101 (in program RFFOUS_T)
RFFOX102 Frame for user exit RFFOX102 (in program RFFOUS_T)
RFFOX103 Frame for user exit RFFOX103 (in program RFFOUS_T)
RFFOX104 user exit
RFFOX105 Frame for user exit RFFOX105 (in program RFFOUS_T)
RFFOX200 Frame for user exit RFFOX200 (in program RFFONZ_T)
RFFOX210 Frame for user exit RFFOX210 (in program RFFOAU_T)
RFFOX211 Frame for user exit RFFOX211 (in program RFFONZ_T)
RFFOX230 General program for user exit RFFOX230 (in program RFFOJP_L)
RFFOX240 Enhancement for User Exit 240 (RFFOAT_P)
RFFOX250 Enhancement for User Exit 250 (RFFODK_E)
RFFOX900 Frame for user exit RFFOX900 (in program RFFOM100)
RFFOX901 Framework for user exit RFFOX901 (in program RFFOM100)
RFFOX902 Framework for user exit RFFOX902 (in program RFFOM100)
RFFOX912 UserExit MT200 Trailer (RFFOM200)
RFFOX914 UserExit MT210 Header (RFFOM210)
RFFOX915 UserExit MT210 Trailer (RFFOM210)
RFFOX917 UserExit MT202 Header (RFFOM202)
RFFOX918 User Exit MT202 Trailer (RFFOM202)
RFKORIEX Automatic correspondence
RFKRRANZ User exits: Accounts Payable Information System
RFTBB001 Treasury: Posting interface
RFTBB010 Treasury: Posting Interface Due to Cust.-Spec. Acct Determtn
RFTBB011 Treasury: Post.Interface due to SCB Indic. and Deliver.Cntry
RFTBCOEX Treasury: Confirmations
RFTBCOMO Treasury: Correspondence Monitor
RFTX70SO User exit to insert own rates in fixing
RFTXX300 Customer exit MT300 fields
RFTXX301 Customer Exit mt300 header
RFTXX302 Customer Exit mt300 trailer
RFTXX320 Customer Exit for MT320
RFTXX321 Customer Exit mt320 header
RFTXX322 Customer Exit mt320 trailer
RFVDBZIO User exit for interest certificate (RFVDBZI0)
RHALE001 HR-CA: Enhancement for ALE functionality in HR
RHGB0001 Function Group RHGB Customer-specific field (list)
RHGP0001 FuGr RHGP Customer-Specific Field (List)
RHIV0001 OrgManagement: Customer-specific number assignment
RHPV0001 Customer enhancement for additional booking checks
RHSI0001 Function Group RHSI Customer-Specific Field (List)
RMCAF000 LIS: Import External Data for Copy Management
RMCSTEXT LIS: Determine Characteristic Texts in Standard Analyses
RMDR1001 RM: Derivation of Financial Object from Transaction
RMDR2001 RM: Derivation of Financial Object (Internal)
RMDRB001 RM: Derivation of Financial Object from BCA
RMDRD001 Derivation of Financial Object from Derivatives Transaction
RMDRF001 Derivation of Financial Object from Forex Transaction
RMDRL001 Derivation of Financial Object from Loan
RMDRM001 Derivation of Financial Object from Money Market Transact.
RMDRO001 RM: Derivation of Financial Object from Risk Object
RMDRP001 Derivation of Fin. Object from Class Position in Sec. Acct
RMDRQ001 Derivation of Fin. Object from Class Position in Fut. Acct
RMDRV001 RM: Derivation of Financial Object from Variable Trans.
RMDRX001 RM: Derivation of Financial Object from Facility
RMVKON00 Enhancements to report Settle consignment liabilities""
RPCDPEB0 Pension declaration (Belgium)
RPLMOGB0 Model G for child allowance
RPRCST01 Customer Exit for Travel Expenses
RSAP0001 Customer function calls in the service API
RTR00010 Exit in report tree (display transactions)
RTR00020 Exit in node in report tree (change mode)
RVEXAKK1 Document Transaction: Screen Exit for Additional Data
RVEXAKK2 Additional Customer-specific Lists / Reports
RVV50R1T Customer Exit for VL10
S38MREP1 Exit at Start report
SABP0003 Asynch. RFC: When should error entry be deleted
SALIN001 SAP ArchiveLink: Customer exit for ARCHIVELINK_FUNCTION
SAPFMNP Online account assignment fundsmanagement-Network Header.
SAPFMNV Online account assignment fundsmanagement-Network Activity.
SAPFMPM Online account assignment fundsmanagement-plant maintenance.
SAPFMSD Online account assignment fundsmanagement-sales distribution
SAPFMVTR Special Update Control Setting of Balance Carried Fwd in FM
SAPL2012 Customer Exit for Enjoy Purchase Orders via BAPIs
SAPLBANK User exit: Bank data
SAPLBPF1 Availability Control: Functional Areas To Be Checked
SAPLBPFC Active availability control
SAPLCHVW Batch where-used list
SAPLCOAV Automatic assignment of values to proc. instruction charact.
SAPLDRVN Derivation of batch attributes
SAPLF040 WF: Preliminary posting (authorized for release)
SAPLF051 Workflow for FI (pre-capture, release for payment)
SAPLF0KA User-Exits Request Determinant
SAPLF0KE Request Help Functions
SAPLF0PJ Manage Criteria
SAPLF0PK Determine Call Sequence for Collective Payment Order (WF)
SAPLF0PQ Determine the Call Sequence WF for Payment Requests
SAPLF0PR Requests: Account Determination and Checks
SAPLFCPD One-time account data or different payee in booking
SAPLFMCA User Exits for FI-CA Integration
SAPLFMCH Funds Management reassignment
SAPLFMCU Usexits for CO-update in fundsmanagement
SAPLFMDT Enhancement for FM Derivation Tool
SAPLFMFA General Components for the Funds Management Update
SAPLFMFC User exits for FIFM availability control
SAPLFMKN User exits for allocating the FIFM monitoring number
SAPLFMKT Maintain Funds Management account assignment
SAPLFMOI User Exit for Updating Commitments
SAPLFMPA User Exits for Payment Conversion
SAPLFMPY Active Funds Management Budget Monitoring in Payment Prog.
SAPLFMRI User Exit Target/Actual Update
SAPLFMUD Revenues increasing budget
SAPLFMWR FIFM User Exits for Account Assignment Block
SAPLGMDT Enhancement for GM Derivation Tool
SAPLGMSO Grant Management Sponsoered Object
SAPLKAL1 Allocations: Authorization Check in Cycle Maintenance
SAPLKBPB Budget entry and distribution
SAPLKCOC Valuations in activity allocations
SAPLKKRB Enhancement for Summarization (Rollup)
SAPLMEWB Customer exit for processing of reservations via BAPIs
SAPLMEWP Customer exit for processing of purchase orders via BAPIs
SAPLMEWQ Customer exit for processing of requisitions via BAPIs
SAPLMHD1 Shelf life expiration date
SAPLMWSB Customer Exit for Batch Valuation According to UD
SAPLPPA Userexits for the prompt payment act
SAPLRMPU Customer Exits for Material Staging
SAPLSSRV User exit: Bank account numbers
SAPLV01D Determining the initial status of a batch
SAPLV01F FB Exit for checking batch determination selection criteria
SAPLV01P Function Module Exits at Time Batches Are Updated
SAPLV01Z CFCs for internal batch number assignment
SAPLV1ZE CFCs for external batch number assignment
SAPLV1ZN CFCs for batch valuation in VB_CREATE_BATCH
SAPLVBIC Funct. Module for Sel. Criteria f. Batch Information Cockpit
SAPLVBXD Customer Exits for Characteristic-Based ATP
SAPLVFIP Foreign Trade/Customs: Customer Function Upload
SAPLWAP0 Appointments: User exits
SAPLXCKA Exits for product costing
SAPLXFR1 User exists for merchandise distribution
SAPMF02D User exits: Customer master data
SAPMF02H Function exit: G/L account master data
SAPMF02K User exits: Vendor master data
SAPMFTD1 User Exit Treasury data carrier management
SAPMKAL1 Allocations: Authorization Check in Cycle Maintenance
SAPMKGA2 Allocation: Execute Authorization Check for Cycle
SAPMMWE1 Create requirement coverage request – materials catalog data
SAPMWWG2 User exits for reclassification
SBC00E01 Additional check for flight display/instructor/enhancement 1
SBC00E02 Add. action for flight display / instructor / enhancement 2
SBC00E03 Add. data for flight display / instructor / enhancement 3
SBC01E01 Add. check for flight display / group 01 / enhancement 1
SBC01E02 Add. action for flight display / group 01 / enhancement 2
SBC01E03 Add. data for flight display / group 01 / enhancement 3
SBC02E01 Add. check for flight display / group 02 / enhancement 1
SBC02E02 Add. action for flight display / group 02 / enhancement 2
SBC02E03 Add. data for flight display / group 02 / enhancement 3
SBC03E01 Add. check for flight display / group 03 / enhancement 1
SBC03E02 Add. action for flight display / group 03 / enhancement 2
SBC03E03 Add. data for flight display / group 03 / enhancement 3
SBC04E01 Add. check for flight display / group 04 / enhancement 1
SBC04E02 Add. action for flight display / group 04 / enhancement 2
SBC04E03 Add. data for flight display / group 04 / enhancement 3
SBC05E01 Add. check for flight display / group 05 / extension 1
SBC05E02 Add. action for flight display / group 05 / enhancement 2
SBC05E03 Add. data for flight display / group 05 / enhancement 3
SBC06E01 Add. check for flight display / group 06 / enhancement 1
SBC06E02 Add. action for flight display / group 06 / enhancement 2
SBC06E03 Add. data for flight display / group 06 / enhancement 3
SBC07E01 Add. check for flight display / group 07 / enhancement 1
SBC07E02 Add. action for flight display / group 07 / enhancement 2
SBC07E03 Add. data for flight display / group 07 / enhancement 3
SBC08E01 Add. check for flight display / group 08 / enhancement 1
SBC08E02 Add. action for flight display / group 08 / enhancement 2
SBC08E03 Add. data for flight display / group 08 / enhancement 3
SBC09E01 Add. check for flight display / group 09 / extension 1
SBC09E02 Add. action for flight display / group 09 / extension 2
SBC09E03 Add. data for flight display / group 09 / extension 3
SBC10E01 Add. check for flight display / group 10 / extension 1
SBC10E02 Add. action for flight display / group 10 / extension 2
SBC10E03 Add. data for flight display / group 10 / extension 3
SBC11E01 Add. check for flight display / group 11 / extension 1
SBC11E02 Add. action for flight display / group 11 / extension 2
SBC11E03 Add. data for flight display / group 11 / extension 3
SBC12E01 Add. check for flight display / group 12 / extension 1
SBC12E02 Add. action for flight display / group 12 / extension 2
SBC12E03 Add. data for flight display / group 12 / extension 3
SBC13E01 Add. check for flight display / group 13 / extension 1
SBC13E02 Add. action for flight display / group 13 / extension 2
SBC13E03 Add. data for flight display / group 13 / extension 3
SBC14E01 Add. check for flight display / group 14 / extension 1
SBC14E02 Add. action for flight display / group 14 / extension 2
SBC14E03 Add. data for flight display / group 14 / extension 3
SBC15E01 Add. check for flight display / group 15 / extension 1
SBC15E02 Add. action for flight display / group 01 / enhancement 2
SBC15E03 Add. data for flight display / group 15 / enhancement 3
SBC16E01 Add. check for flight display / group 16 / enhancement 1
SBC16E02 Add. action for flight display / group 16 / enhancement 2
SBC16E03 Add. data for flight display / group 16 / enhancement 3
SBC17E01 Add. check for flight display / group 17 / enhancement 1
SBC17E02 Add. action for flight display / group 17 / enhancement 2
SBC17E03 Add. data for flight display / group 17 / enhancement 3
SBC18E01 Add. check for flight display / group 18 / enhancement 1
SBC18E02 Add. action for flight display / group 18 / enhancement 2
SBC18E03 Add. data for flight display / group 19 / enhancement 3
SBCINST1 Enhancement 1 instructor
SBCINST2 Enhancement 2 instructor
SBCINST3 Enhancement 3 instructor
SDALE001 Change vendor for purchase orders from sales order
SDAPO001 Activating Sourcing Subitem Quantity Propagation
SDEDI001 User exits for EDI
SDEDI002 Customer Enhancements for Object Type IDOCORDERS
SDEVWORK Development Workbench customer exits
SDQUX001 User exit: SD product allocation processing, extended checks
SDQUX002 SD product allocation processing, change schedule line
SDQUX003 User-Exit : SD Product allocation, extended checks (ATP)
SDQUX004 Product Allocations: Change the Product Allocation Steps
SDQUX005 Product Allocations: Adjust product allocation quantities
SDTRM001 Reschedule schedule lines without a new ATP check
SDVAX001 Determine Billing Plan Type
SDVFC001 User Exit: Account Determination From Payment Card Plan Item
SDVFC002 User Exit: Account Determination From Payment Card Plan Item
SDVFX001 User exit header line in delivery to accounting
SDVFX002 User exit for A/R line (transfer to accounting)
SDVFX003 User exit: Cash clearing (transfer to accounting)
SDVFX004 User exit: G/L line (transfer to accounting)
SDVFX005 User exit: Reserves (transfer to accounting)
SDVFX006 User exit: Tax line (transfer to accounting)
SDVFX007 User exit: Billing plan during transfer to Accounting
SDVFX008 User exit: Processing of transfer structures SD-FI
SDVFX009 Billing doc. processing KIDONO (payment reference number)
SDVFX010 User exit item table for the customer lines
SDVFX011 Userexit for the komkcv- and kompcv-structures
SDW00001 Customer menu in Workbench menu 'Overview'
SDW00002 Customer menu in Workbench menu 'Development'
SDW00003 Customer menu in Workbench menu 'Test'
SDW00004 Customer menu in Workbench menu 'Utilities'
SE38HRM1 Danish employee reports enhancement
SEDD0001 Customer exits in ABAP/4 Dictionary
SEU00001 Function exit in program attributes
SEU00002 Cust. func. in ABAP/4 Editor init. screen ('Environ.' menu)
SEU00003 Exit Object Browser
SEU00004 Customer exits in the Function Library
SEUED001 ABAP Editor
SEUMP001 Menu Painter (SE41)
SEUMP002 Exit Menu Painter
SEUSCRP1 Screen Painter
SEUTR001 Exit transaction code maintenance
SEUTR002 Transaction code maintenance
SGRP0002 Customer-specific virus check during upload
SGRPDL00 Authorization and trace during download on PC
SIDOC001 Customer function for module pool EDI1
SIDOC002 CA-EDI: Exits in Function Group EDI6 (Partner Profile)
SMIC0001 Bar code entry for MI at material/batch level
SMRZ0001 Material Reconciliation – WM Movement Types
SPHO0001 SAPphone: Define indiv. activation for outgoing calls
SPOOACC Accounting extension for spool requests
SPOOAUTH Customer exit for spool authorization check
SQUE0001 SAP Query: Private data file
SRVDET User screen on tab strip of service detail screen
SRVEDIT Service list control (maintenance/display)
SRVENTRY Unplanned part of entry sheet (obsolete since Rel. 3.1G)
SRVESI Data conversion entry sheet interface
SRVESKN Set account assignment in service line
SRVESLL Service line checks
SRVESSR Set entry sheet header data
SRVEUSCR User screen on entry sheet tabstrip
SRV_FRM SRV: Formula calculation (obsolete since 4.0A!)
SRVKNTTP Setting the account assgnmt category when reading in, if U""
SRVLIMIT Limit check
SRVMAIL1 Processing of mail before generation of sheet
SRVMSTLV Conversion of data during importing of standard service cat.
SRVPOWEB Purchase order for service entry in Web
SRVQUOT Service export/import for inquiry/quotations
SRVREL Changes to comm. structure for release of entry sheet
SRVSEL Service selection from non-SAP systems
SSC00001 Appointments diary: Conversion and F4 help for user name
SSC00002 Appointments diary: Conversion and F4 help for customer no.
STATTEXT Modification exit for formatting status text lines
SUSR0001 User exit after logon to SAP System
SZAD0001 Address formatting: Country-specific routines
SZRS0001 Regional structure – City duplication check
SZRS0002 Regional structure – Street duplication check
SZRS0003 Address check – Interface to external providers
TRAN0001 User exit for asset transfer
TRDBSGTX CML: Processing of Line Item Text (FI Document)
TRTMAT01 BUS1099 (Company Code) Method GetDetail
TRTMDF01 Treasury management market data: Exchange rate interface
TRTP0001 Offline Travel Expenses: Receipt before Addition
V02V0001 Sales area determination for stock transport order
V02V0002 User exit for storage location determination
V02V0003 User exit for gate + matl staging area determination (headr)
V02V0004 User Exit for Staging Area Determination (Item)
V05I0001 User exits for billing index
V05N0001 User Exits for Printing Billing Docs. using POR Procedure
V09A0001 Reference/duplicate decision making manual address
V09A0002 Partner type KU EXIT for NO_KNVV
V09A0003 User Exit for Partner Determination (Source XYZ)
V09A0004 U.Exit for Part. Determ.(before entering determined partner)
V43A3X1 GUI exit '+3X1': Sales activities/actions (GOTO menu)
V43A5X1 GUI exit '+5X1': Sales activities/actions (INFORMATION menu)
V43A6X1 GUI exit '+6X1': Sales activities/actions (ENVIRONMENT menu)
V43ADATA Change sales activity data online (structure VBKAKOM_UPDATE)
V43AGUI1 Sales activities/actions: Exclusion of FCodes in GUI
V43ASAVE SlsActiv/actions:Exit after no.assignment before COMMIT WORK
V43CC001 Follow-up actions in predictive dialing
V43K0001 Enhancements for linking to calendar
V43MLIS User-Exit f. Supplying Struct. SADLSTLIS With Append Struct.
V45A0001 Determine alternative materials for product selection
V45A0002 Predefine sold-to party in sales document
V45A0003 Collector for customer function modulpool MV45A
V45A0004 Copy packing proposal
V45E0001 Update the purchase order from the sales order
V45E0002 Data transfer in procurement elements (PRreq., assembly)
V45L0001 SD component supplier processing (customer enhancements)
V45P0001 SD customer function for cross-company code sales
V45S0001 Update sales document from configuration
V45S0003 MRP-relevance for incomplete configuration
V45S0004 Effectivity type in sales order
V45T0001 Customer exits text determination
V45W0001 SD Service Management: Forward Contract Data to Item
V46H0001 SD Customer functions for resource-related billing
V50B0001 User exit for BAPI Duplication / Verification of Deliveries
V50EPROP User Exit: Foreign Trade Data Proposal in MM and SD
V50PSTAT Delivery: Item Status Calculation
V50Q0001 Delivery Monitor: User Exits for Filling Display Fields
V50R0001 Collective processing for delivery creation
V50R0002 Collective processing for delivery creation
V50R0003 Extension to delivery processing BAPI
V50R0004 Calculation of Stock for POs for Shipping Due Date List
V50S0001 User Exits for Delivery Processing
V51R0001 User exit for checking archivability of handling units
V53C0001 Rough workload calculation in time per item
V53C0002 W&S: RWE enhancement – shipping material type/time slot
V53W0001 User exits for creating picking waves
V54B0001 Shipment costing: Configure pricing
V54B0003 Shipment Costs Calculation: Determine Rate Type and Currency
V54B0004 Shipment Cost Calculation: Determine Status
V54C0001 Shipment costing: Description(s) shipement cost item(s)
V54C0002 Shipment costing: Create shipment cost sub-items
V54C0003 Shipment Costs Processing: Determine Invoicing Party
V54C0004 Shipment Costs Processing: Determine Loc. for Tax Invoice
V54D0001 Shipment Costing: Determining the Tax Countries
V54KSFRC Determining the factors for apportionment of shipment costs
V54P0001 Extended Function Codes for Shipment Cost Information
V54U0001 Shipment cost processing: Check whether changes made
V54U0002 Check shipment costs for completion
V54U0003 Specification of shipment cost number
V54U0004 Formatting for update of new objects (shipment costs)
V54U0005 Updating new objects in shipment cost processing
V54U0006 Shipment Purchase Order – Header Data Supply
V54U0007 Shipment Purchase Order – Item Data Supply
V55ECTRL User Exit: Print Control in Foreign Trade Documents
V55K0001 Delivery (Inbox): Copy Data
V55K0002 Delivery (Inbox): Prepare processing
V55K0003 Delivery (Inbox): Evaluate Results
V55K0004 Shipping notif. (inbound): Modification of IDoc control data
V55K0005 Purchase order (inbound): Modification of IDoc control data
V55K0011 Shipping Notification (Inbox): Copy Data
V55K0012 Shippingg Notification (Inbox): Prepare Processing
V55K0013 Shipping Notification (Inbox): Evaluate Results
V55K0020 Customer Function IDoc Inbox Shipment Preparation
V55K0021 Customer Functions IDoc Inbox Shipment Segment Evaluation
V55K0022 Cust. Functions IDoc Inbox Shipment: Save Own Table
V55K0030 IDoc SHPMNT: Tendering Pre-Process Modification
V55K0031 IDoc SHPMNT: Tendering Individual Segment Processing
V55K0032 Save Own Tables for Receipt of IDoc SHPMNT
V56AFCCH Shipment processing: Check function code allowed
V56AGTAR User Exit for Filtering Shipping Unit Calculation
V56ARCHV Customer-spec. checks for archiving shipments
V56ATKTX Change the number of lines for text input in shipment
V56BMOD Transportation processing: Field modification
V56DISTZ Shipment Processing: Determine Distance
V56FCOPY Shipment processing: Copy delivery data
V56FSTAT Shipment processing: Activities when setting a status
V56I0001 IDoc TPSDLS: Modification of delivery header group
V56I0002 IDoc TPSDLS: Modification of delivery item group
V56I0003 IDoc TPSDLS: Modification of package data group
V56I0004 IDoc TPSDLS: Modification of entire IDoc
V56I0005 IDoc TPSDLS: Modif. of delivery items relevant to shipment
V56I0006 IDOC TPSDLS: User-defined determ. for location substitution
V56I0010 IDoc TPSSHT01: Input of planned shipments
V56I0020 IDoc control record modification in interface SD-TPS
V56I0030 Freight Costs RFC from APO
V56IVIEW User exit for the structure of the planning overview
V56K0001 Outbound Transportation Output (EDI)
V56KBAPI Enhancement for Calling Shipment BAPIs
V56L0001 Status of Shipments for a Delivery
V56L0007 Deactivate multiple transmission lock for deliv. to TPS
V56LDELI Read Delivery Data for Shipment Processing
V56LOCID Shipment Processing: Determine Location Identification
V56MVT04 Extensions for Collective Processing of Shipments
V56SLDET Shipment processing: Leg determination
V56TDLIF Filter Delivery Items for Shipment
V56UCHCH Shipment processing: Check whether changes were made
V56UCHCO Check shipments are complete
V56UDLUP Obsolete as of 4.6C: Delivery Update on Delivery Routines
V56UNUMB Shipment number allocation
V56USTAT User-individual definition of transportation planning status
V56USVDO Update new objects for transport
V56USVDP Preparation for updating new objects for transport?
V57A0001 Multi-Dimensional Pricing: Cost Allocation to Items
V60A0001 Customer functions in the billing document
V60F0001 SD Billing plan (customer enhancement) diff. to billing plan
V60P0001 Data provision for additional fields for display in lists
V61A0001 Customer enhancement: Pricing
VBWC_DCP Decoupling Control for a Distributed Batch
VCOM0001 Fill Output Communication Areas – Application V6
VCOM0002 Fill Output Communication Areas – Application E1
VCOM0003 Fill Output Communication Areas – Application M1
VCOM0004 Fill Output Communication Areas – Application V7
VED40001 EDI supply
VED50001 EDI Component Supplier Processing:Self-Billing Procedure
VEDA0001 SD EDI Incoming Orders (Customer Extensions)
VEDB0001 SD EDI incoming Change Orders (Customer Extensions)
VEDE0001 SD EDI Outbound quotation (customer enhancement)?
VEDQ0001 SD EDI Inbound Inquiries (customer enhancements)
VIMPPROP User Exit: Proposal dato for import simulation
VKOE0001 Interchange of conditions: Outbound processing
VKOI0001 Interchange of conditions: Inbound processing
VKOO0001 Condition Transfer – Help Functions: Customer Functions
VMDE0001 Shipping Interface: Error Handling – Inbound IDoc
VMDE0002 Shipping Interface: Message PICKSD (Picking, Outbound)
VMDE0003 Shipping Interface: Message SDPICK (Picking, Inbound)
VMDE0004 Shipping Interface: Message SDPACK (Packing, Inbound)
VN000001 Customer exits in output determination
VPRE0001 PRICAT outbound processing
VSV00001 User exit Customer and vendor distribution Receipt/issue
VSV00002 Read filter objects for vendor master
VSV00003 Read filter objects for customer master
W61V0001 User exit for BAPI ATP information
WAUFT001 User Exit Allocations
WAUFT002 Check: Automatically adopt requested qty as confirmed qty
WAUFT003 Determination of DC order quantity (reduced order quantity)
WAUFT004 User exit for recipient determination for DCs
WAUFT005 Del. Phase Per Article and Ship-To Party or DC Determination
WAUFT006 Allocation Table Number Determination
WAUFT007 User Exit Article Selection
WBBE0001 Function exits for assortment list
WBWE0001 Function exits for valuation for structured materials
WCOUP001 User exit for coupon processing in POS inbound
WCUST1 Enhancement for Retail application menu W10T (Office)
WCUST2 Enhancement to Retail application menu W10T (Logistics)
WCUST3 Enhancement to Retail application menu W10T (Accounting)
WCUST4 Enhancement to Retail application menu W10T (HR)
WCUST5 Enhancement to Retail application menu W10T (Info systems)
WCUST6 Enhancement to Retail application menu W10T (Tools)
WDFE0001 Customer-Specific Determination of Requirements Data
WDR10001 FM enhancements for rounding off units of measure
WETI0001 IS-R Labeling: Processing (output)
WFCS_001 Retail Forecasting: Change Consumption Values (FM Forecast)
WFCS_002 Retail Forecasting: Change Forecast Results (FM Forecast)
WFCS_003 Change Reorder Point and Safety Stock
WFIL0001 User exits for site
WFOB0001 Distributing revenues individually for bulk asset retirement
WIS10001 RIS BW: Customer exit for data enhancement
WIS50001 INVCO: Data enhancement for updating phys. inv. statistics
WIS60001 PURCHIS: Data enhancement for updating inv. ver. statistics
WISEXIT WIS: Data collection for customer fields (LIS event AA)
WISPL001 Retail Planning: Authorizations
WISPL002 Retail planning: cell manipulations in planning layout
WISPL003 Retail Planning: Additional Planned Key Figures
WISPL004 Change Function for Retail Promotions
WISPL005 After Creating a Promotion in MAP
WISPL006 After Creating an Allocation Table in MAP
WISPL007 Running a Function Code in Manual Planning
WLB20002 Customer enhancements for ISR Load Building
WMVC0001 User exit, value scales and quota scales
WOD10001 User Exits for Function Group WOD1
WOD20001 Online Planning Enhancements in the Workbench
WOG10001 Requirements planning for perishables
WOSX0001 Function exit Online Store: Product details additional data
WOSX0002 Function exit Online Store: Product list additional data
WPAV0001 POS upload role resolution
WPCA0001 Product catalog ALE inbound and outbound
WPCI0001 Product cat. IDoc outbound
WPCON001 Product catalog function exit: Generate PO numbers
WPCON002 Product catalog function exit: Generate catalog code
WPDA0001 Function exits for POS interface (POS download)
WPLG0001 Function exits for shelf-space optimizing
WPOPO001 Customer-Specific Enhancement for Orderable Materials
WPSA0001 Retail enhancements POS interface sales audit
WPUE0001 GR Check (Correct Quantities)
WPUE0002 POS inbound processing
WRPL0001 Calculation of replenishment requirements
WRPL0002 Replenishment: Forecast of expeced issues (sales)
WRPL0003 Replenishment: forecast selection for replenishment planning
WRPL0004 Calculation of target stock
WSOR0001 User exit: Assortments
WSOS0001 Function module exit for calculating header material PO qty
WSOT0001 Determine person responsible for discontinuation
WSRP0001 Customer-Specific Requirement Calculation
WSRP0002 Customer-Specific Follow-On Document Generation
WSRP0003 Store Replenishment: Customer-Specific MRP Type
WTAD0001 Enhancements to additionals IDocs
WTAD0002 Additionals: Change delivery date and usage date
WVFB0001 Customer exists for store order PO confirmation control seg.
WVFI0001 Inbound IDoc store phys. inv.: override Customizing
WVFI0002 Inbound IDoc store phys. inv.: process customer segment
WVFI0003 IDoc inbound processing store physical inventory
WVFI0004 IDoc outbnd store physical inventory: fill customer segment
WVLB0001 Display additional data in subscreen for simulation list
WVLB0003 User exits for automatic PO-based load building in 99.A
WVLB0005 User exits in TR WLB5 (manual load bulding)
WVLB000A User exits for control program for load building
WVLB0010 Enhancements for FM for splitting purchase orders
WVMI0001 Exchange of material data via IDoc PROACT
WWCC1001 Function exit for WWW component customer
WWP1 User Exits for the Planning Workbench
XAWS0001 Customer exit for AWS report
XCOA0001 Batch record: user exit for archiving
XCOM0001 User exit: Material quantity calculation
XCXPD001 Determine Event Reference Data
XCXPD002 Subitems Field Catalog
XCXPD003 Update of Event Data for Monitoring Dates
XCXPD004 Determine Event Scenario
XCXPD005 Event Assignment
XCXPD006 Field Catalog for Events
XCXPD007 Reports for Monitoring Dates
XCXPD008 Maintain Subitems for Monitoring Dates
XCXPD009 Object Selection for Monitoring Dates
XCZD0004 Extend authority check for the material-recipe allocation
XEXP0001 Selection of Purchase Order Headers and Purchase Order Items
XEXP0002 Determine Event Reference Data
XEXP0003 Subitems Field Catalog
XEXP0004 Update Event Data for Expediting
XEXP0005 Determine Event Scenario
XEXP0006 Event Assignment
XEXP0007 Field Catalog for Enhancement of Expediting Data
XEXP0008 Print Status Information for Expediting Object
XEXP0009 Event Reference Dates at PO Creation
XMBF0001 Customer exits for stock determination
XMRM0001 User exits: Backflushing in Repetitive Manufacturing
XPBSAWS1 Customer exit for Public Sector AWS report
XPSISKD0 Enhancement to user exit for ISKD statistics (WWH calc.)
XPSPSTD0 User exit Employment statistics
XVHUPO01 Pack acc. to packing instructions: Calculate HU measurements
YIDLOGON IDES screen in System Logon menu

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