SAP: Adding some life to your SAPgui menu screen

Even though alternative — and much better looking — UI’s exist for SAP, such as Netweaver Business Client, portal, and mobility, for most SAP users, SAP Gui is a way of life.  But that doesn’t mean that you have to live with its stagnant, isolated functionality.  SAP SCN contributor Joan Mas provides some steps on how to use GuiXT to expand on functionality available in the boring, old SAP Gui.

Quick disclaimer:  At the time of the post, I have not personally implemented the changes mentioned in the article.  A script is provided in the article as well as a link to the recommended icons used.  A full breakdown of the script is also provided, which is helpful if you would like to learn more about how GuiXT works.

The article describes several different varieties of changes that can be made:

  1. Push buttons in the toolbar to quickly exit SAP and navigate to SPRO.
  2. Icons available in the application bar to:
    • Navigate to Accuweather and Google Maps
    • Open MS Word, the SAP general menu and the SAP logistics menu.
    • Send an email using outlook and navigate to Google and to SCN.
  3. Icons in menu area that can:
    • Navigate to Gmail, SAP business workplace, SPRO, Google and to SAP help portal
    • Activate the SAP logistics menu, SAP financial menu, SAP workbench menu, SAP systems menu, and SAP general menu.
  4. Icons and text in the title and status bars showing the active client and transaction to help avoid mistakes when working with different clients and sessions.

This may ultimately fit into the lipstick-on-a-pig category.  Personally, I have been disappointed in how SAP Gui has evolved — or NOT evolved.  To me, it’s still bloated, clunky, and dated.  But anything that can help raise that bar — no matter how slightly — is welcome.


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