SAP Gui Tab Order

A colleague brought this to my attention recently as we were brain storming solutions for a customer request. I had assumed that a programmer would be required when asked to change the tab sequence on a custom screen that we had previously created.  I was wrong.  The SAP GUI Tab Order can be changed! Continue reading “SAP Gui Tab Order”

SAP: Adding some life to your SAPgui menu screen

Even though alternative — and much better looking — UI’s exist for SAP, such as Netweaver Business Client, portal, and mobility, for most SAP users, SAP Gui is a way of life.  But that doesn’t mean that you have to live with its stagnant, isolated functionality.  SAP SCN contributor Joan Mas provides some steps on how to use GuiXT to expand on functionality available in the boring, old SAP Gui.

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SAP Tips and Tricks Part 2: Other Interface Features

In the next installment of my SAP Tips and Tricks series, I will explore some additional user interface features that you can use to be a more efficient SAP user.  You may also want to check out Part 1 in the series.  Continue reading to find out more.

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