Fun with Recruiting Emails #1

Confession time:  I have a short list of pet peeves.  For those that know me, that may not come as a surprise.  One of those pet peeves is poorly worded email.  In particular, I’m referring to professional or business related emails.  I’ve decided to publish a new series on my blog picking on recruiting emails that I receive on a regular basis.  Why?  Because these folks are in the business of recruiting IT professionals and are typically the first point of contact for the clients they (presumably) represent.  I understand that many of these individuals are probably speaking English as a 2nd or 3rd or 4th language.  But it is in their best interest to put forth a professional façade, and NOT having some sort of approved standard email introduction is just lazy.  Venkat S. has the honor of being the first.  While proposing an SAP SD role in sunny Orlando, he writes:

Please go through the below requirement and revert me back with your updated resume if you are comfortable with this…..

-Venkat S.

  1. Yes, that’s five periods punctuating this remark, which I can only interpret as a VERY dramatic pause.
  2. I didn’t even read the job description, but if someone is asking me about my comfort level with performing particular duties, I probably don’t want to do those duties.
  3. “Revert me back”?  Really?  ‘Reply’ is written right on the button your press in your email client.

Thanks, Venkat, but I’ll have to pass.



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