SAP: My Own SAP ECC 6.0 IDES Server (Part 2)

Welcome to the Part 2 of my ‘SAP ECC 6.0 IDES Server’ series in which we are undertaking the effort of setting up our own personal SAP server.  In this installment, we will continue prepping our Virtual Machine.

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SAP: My Own SAP ECC 6.0 IDES Server (Part 1)

I was pondering one day the irony of an SAP consultant with well over a decade of SAP experience who has never himself attempted an SAP installation.  After doing some research, I discovered that I had what it took to actually do it myself.  In this series, I will walkthrough the process of this installation from end to end.

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What I Use: Cutting the Cable on our Entertainment

It was time.  After years of being under the thumb of big media providers, we decided to take the plunge and Cut the Cable.  (Bye bye, DirecTV.  Hello, streaming.)  And it’s working out great so far.  Read on to discover what we did and why we did it.

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OneNote Publisher: Import from OneNote to WordPress Posts, Pages

I have used WordPress for years to manage the content and layout for my websites. Out of the box, it is extremely feature rich and its extensibility through the use of third party plugins allows it to accomplish almost anything you could ask for. But it’s not perfect; one of the main limitations I’ve struggled with is the inability to develop content while on the go. The mobile web interface on my Windows Phone is clunky and unpredictable. Third party apps offer some alternatives, but don’t allow for offline use. When I heard that Microsoft had developed a plug-in designed to import content from OneNote, I was excited to try it out. Read on for my impressions.

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Website Update: Introducing ‘Ask Me Anything’

Like many bloggers, I tend to write about topics I know and am interested in.  Most visitors seem to stumble upon my site through web searches and I never quite know if you are finding what you’re looking for.  So, in order to give my visitors some input into my site’s content, I’m introducing an ‘Ask Me Anything’ feature.  On the left side of every page on my site is a short form providing you an opportunity to ask me a question.  Your submissions will only be visible to me up until the point I choose to publish a response.  I only ask that your question be at least somewhat related to subjects I already cover.  I cannot guarantee when, or even if, I will respond to individual inquiries, so if it is something urgent prepare for disappointment.

SAP: Route, Leg, and Packing Determination

I recently took a trip into my own personal way-back machine — an old Western Digital Passport drive — and found this golden oldie:  A diagram I made years ago in MS Visio illustrating the intricate complexities of SAP’s Route, Leg and Packing determination.

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SAP: Exploring Backorders (Part 1)

The term “backorder” is common across most industries. They are also the bane of most customer service organizations who are often caught in between struggling processes and angry customers.  In this two part series, I’ll discuss how to recognize a backorder issue, approaches to identify sources, and how SAP can help?

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Nerd Humor: USB Envy.

In its infinite wisdom, Apple decided to omit a full size USB port from their new MacBook Airs. This resulted in the gentleman sitting two chairs to my left charging his iPhone off his colleague’s Microsoft Surface Pro 3.  Beautiful.


SAP: Exploring Cross-Selling in SD

I make a lot of trips to the home improvement store throughout the year.  Unfortunately, many of my trips are necessary because I neglected to put an important item in my cart on a previous trip.  If only there was a way for the store clerk to prompt to purchase additional items related to those already in my cart.  This could simultaneously increase the store’s sales — reducing the risk I purchase items elsewhere — while saving me extra trips to the store.  Fortunately for companies running SAP, this feature DOES exist and it is called Cross-Selling.  Let’s take a deeper dive.

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Rant: The Burden of Being a Windows Phone User

I’m a fairly big advocate for the Windows Phone platform.  But that’s not to say that there aren’t frustrations that come along for the ride.  Some incompatibilities are understandable, but others seem to have no reasoning whatsoever.  The most frustrating example is the Personal Capital dashboard when I try to log in to their portal.  Ugh.

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