Nerd Humor: USB Envy.

In its infinite wisdom, Apple decided to omit a full size USB port from their new MacBook Airs. This resulted in the gentleman sitting two chairs to my left charging his iPhone off his colleague’s Microsoft Surface Pro 3.  Beautiful.


SAP: Exploring Cross-Selling in SD

I make a lot of trips to the home improvement store throughout the year.  Unfortunately, many of my trips are necessary because I neglected to put an important item in my cart on a previous trip.  If only there was a way for the store clerk to prompt to purchase additional items related to those already in my cart.  This could simultaneously increase the store’s sales — reducing the risk I purchase items elsewhere — while saving me extra trips to the store.  Fortunately for companies running SAP, this feature DOES exist and it is called Cross-Selling.  Let’s take a deeper dive.

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Rant: The Burden of Being a Windows Phone User

I’m a fairly big advocate for the Windows Phone platform.  But that’s not to say that there aren’t frustrations that come along for the ride.  Some incompatibilities are understandable, but others seem to have no reasoning whatsoever.  The most frustrating example is the Personal Capital dashboard when I try to log in to their portal.  Ugh.

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The Great Pomegranate Experiment (Part 1)

While my avocado trees cling to life in the garage, I decided to start another experiment inside. Last year, we decided to try planting a pomegranate tree in our yard. Unfortunately, it didn’t survive. Being a family of pomegranate lovers, we seem to always have some store-bought ones in the house throughout the fall. I decided to take a small handful of seeds and put them in a pot to see what would happen.

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SAP: Inventory Tables

Inventory. It’s difficult to think of a single topic more important to more people than this.  Buyers, Customer Service, and Production Planners all care about what’s available and what isn’t.  And, of course, there’s the warehouse personnel that keep everything flowing whose lives revolve around inventory. For most situations, a quick stock overview is sufficient, but many times you need to get a closer look at inventory through queries or custom reports.  Here are the tables you need to know about.

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SAP: Sales Document Date Fields Demystified

It’s not uncommon for me to receive questions regarding  date fields on SAP Sales Orders.  That should not be surprising considering that users will be confronted by no less than 10 date fields during normal order maintenance.  That number can rise to more than 15 depending on how you slice the numbers.  In this article, I will explore these date fields and how they impact other activities.

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Website Update

WordPress site stats
WordPress site stats

My website has been live for over a year — half of which has been in obscurity. I’m sure it could seem insignificant, but today my little blog hit a milestone. The month of September marks my first calendar month with over 1,000 page views. I’d like to thank the anonymous hundreds for finding my site. Thank you.

The Great Avocado Experiment (Part 5)

My two avocado trees
My two avocado trees

It’s early September and just as I had hoped, the two avocado trees have thrived.  The taller tree is somewhere between 3′ and 4′ tall and is beginning to trade its green stem for a barkier one — I can’t think of any other way to describe it.  It’s been growing quickly, so I have been pinching off new growth every couple of weeks.  Again, my goal is to keep these guys on the small side knowing that they will have to come inside for the winter.  The smaller tree is about a foot shorter, but seems to be putting out new growth just as fast as its sibling.

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SAP: Impressions from Screen Personas 2.0

Recently, I’ve had the opportunity to spend some time with SAP Screen Personas 2.0, a web-based alternative to SAP GUI offering some powerful tools to beautify and enhance classic SAP screens.  This post is dedicated to sharing some impressions of the tool.  Read on to learn more.

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Learn to Develop for Windows Phone 8.1

I’ve found a couple of great resources for those interested in learning to develop for the Windows Phone 8.1 platform.  My goal was to actually TRY these sites and then report on my impressions, but this has proven to be a bit too ambitious for my schedule.  See more information about these sites after the break.

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