NOTE:  Perhaps this goes without saying, but the Windows Phone platform is obsolete, along with these projects.  My interests have shifted more towards Android app development, but I have yet to release any apps on the platform.  Maybe in the future... -Michael

Thank you for visiting.  Below, you will find all information relating to my App Development projects.  As always, feedback is welcome.


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Deciding on the project was easy after realizing that I already had most of the content written.  After years in the SAP consulting field, I had compiled a lengthy list of handy programs and transactions.  In fact, I’ve published other guides in the past in PDF format.

The app is broken down into several sections:

Splash page.
  • A ‘welcome’ page including some important notes about the app
  • The ‘process t-codes’ section includes important transactions from a user’s perspective
  • ‘Expert t-codes’ includes both advanced T-codes not intended for general users and T-codes which bring you directly to specific configuration nodes in the IMG.
  • The ‘tables’ area contains, as you may have guessed, essential tables to the SD processes.
  • ‘Programs’ contains user exits and other useful programs for SD consulting activities
  • Finally, ‘parameter ID’s’ includes
    Listing of process-related transactions

    handy parameters for use in your SAP profile to customize transactions like SP01 and SE16n as well as normal process transactions

Selecting the individual items from each list will bring up additional comments on the function.

The app was created purely using the app studio web application, so functionality is limited.  I do have plans on making additional tweaks using Visual Studio Express 2012 for Windows Phone including a Search

Details about an SAP program

function and perhaps the ability to sort each list by different attributes.  Keep an eye out for subsequent versions.


As I receive requests for additions/modifications, I will try to list them below.  The two main sources of such requests are the comments below and app reviews from the Windows Phone App Store.

  • ‘Similar guide for MM’ – Vasmi K. via the Windows Phone Store (4/28)

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  1. Mike, trust you remember me! Stumbled upon your website and learn a great deal on SD. Any ideas of publishing the SD reference in the iOS app store?

    1. Hi, Suresh! Sorry for the delayed response. I’m glad you found me. I would love to publish an iOS app for my reference guide! The problem is finding the time to LEARN how to do that type of programming. I’ll put it on my list of things to do.

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