Learn to Develop for Windows Phone 8.1

I’ve found a couple of great resources for those interested in learning to develop for the Windows Phone 8.1 platform.  My goal was to actually TRY these sites and then report on my impressions, but this has proven to be a bit too ambitious for my schedule.  See more information about these sites after the break.

I’m going to highlight two separate series of tutorial videos.  Both of these happen to reside on Microsoft’s ‘Channel 9’ site.


I have some experience with Bob Tabor’s older series for Windows Phone 8.  Despite the name, Bob recommended first getting exposure to basic C# in a different one of his series.  He may make the same recommendation in this case as well.  His lessons are small enough to take in bite-sized chunks, but build off one another to give you the sense that you’re progressing.  Check them out and let me know what you think.


After tackling the first series above, move on to Building Apps for Windows Phone 8.1.  While they sound similar, they are completely separate from the lessons above.  I haven’t reviewed the entire series, so I would expect there to be some overlap in the curriculum.

Good luck and happy programming!


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