Finding Middle Ground in the Business Process Tug-of-War

As IT consultants, we deal with challenges daily.  Of those, the more frustrating ones can be those challenges which seem completely out of our control.  Office politics, silo-building, and power struggles most certainly fall into this category.  And as much as I would like to retreat to the comfort of my desk to do something productive, I feel it is in everyone’s best interest to facilitate some sort of framework for moving forward.  But how can you do this?

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SAP Mandatory Sales Text

This post is dedicated to the four hours of my life I lost trying to figure out why my mandatory header texts were misbehaving.  A client had requested that a header text be mandatory for all Credit Memo (CR) and Debit Memo (DR) documents.  Makes sense.  Standard SAP only prescribes an order reason be maintained, but sometimes you want to capture more details behind the rationale for such transactions.  “Easy breezy,” I thought.  Wrong.  Read on to master SAP Mandatory Sales Text.

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