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SAP: Adding some life to your SAPgui menu screen

Even though alternative — and much better looking — UI’s exist for SAP, such as Netweaver Business Client, portal, and mobility, for most SAP users, SAP Gui is a way of life.  But that doesn’t mean that you have to live with its stagnant, isolated functionality.  SAP SCN contributor Joan Mas provides some steps on how to use GuiXT to expand on functionality available in the boring, old SAP Gui.

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GTA V Crew: ‘SAP Consultants’

Rarely do the worlds of online gaming and SAP consulting collide, but I would like to take a moment and depart from my usual subject matter of SAP, Microsoft, and avocados.  In the spirit of my “work hard, play hard” mantra, one of my favorite ways to escape the daily grind of work and parenthood is by descending into the backstreets and alleyways of Los Santos in the popular game Grand Theft Auto V.  Please don’t judge me for my choice of entertainment; the game is excessively vulgar and violent.  But the depth and breadth of gameplay is unprecedented and quite impressive. It truly delivers an immersive world where you can embrace your inner gun-toting gangster.

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SAP: Finding text strings across ABAP programs (UPDATED)

As an SAP consultant focusing on functional configuration, I am not required to know much about ABAP.  If you’re lucky, there’s a developer within arm’s reach for handling technical efforts.  However, part of growing in your field is reaching out beyond your functional area to explore new avenues.  This ultimately makes you a better consultant.  I’m on a project currently — a divestiture of sorts — which must explore breaking apart Company Codes, Sales Organizations, and other elements.  One thing to consider — especially for mature systems — is what custom objects may be tailored for the existing organization.  This helps determine what the impact will be when creating a new Sales Organization, for instance.  But, how do you find those elements?  More importantly, how can you find references to a specific value you’re trying to change? UPDATE: Thanks to input from commenter Pavel, I’ve added a new section at the very bottom of the article with updates in ECC 6.0.  Check it out. Continue reading SAP: Finding text strings across ABAP programs (UPDATED)

SAP Sales & Distribution: Quick Reference Guide for the User

One of the constant struggles for SAP users and consultants alike is the attempt to recollect transaction codes and table names that are infrequently used.  Having a reliable list at your fingertips has proven to be helpful in those times of need.  That concept inspired me to compile and publish a couple of ‘quick user guides’ that can be used for that purpose.  I submit for your approval the first draft of a user-oriented guide:  SAP Sales and Distribution – Quick Reference Guide for the User.

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SAP: Mandatory Sales Order Texts

This post is dedicated to the four hours of my life I lost trying to figure out why my mandatory header texts were misbehaving.  A client had requested that a header text be mandatory for all Credit Memo (CR) and Debit Memo (DR) documents.  Makes sense.  Standard SAP only prescribes an order reason be maintained, but sometimes you want to capture more details behind the rationale for such transactions.  “Easy breezy,” I thought.  Wrong.

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SAP Tips and Tricks Part 2: Other Interface Features

In the next installment of my SAP Tips and Tricks series, I will explore some additional user interface features that you can use to be a more efficient SAP user.  You may also want to check out Part 1 in the series.  Continue reading to find out more.

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Updated: Project Profiles – Technical Upgrade, Divestiture

I have continued to develop additional project profiles which expand upon some of my specific project experience noted in my Resume.  The new entries are available through the Resume menu above, or by clicking on the links below:

SAP Tips and Tricks Part 1: User Interface Shortcuts

One thing that clients repeatedly ask for are time-saving tips and shortcuts that they can use while navigating SAP using SAP GUI. A few years ago, I started a collection of exactly that. I would like to share them here in a series called ‘SAP Tips and Tricks’.

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New Addition: Project Profiles

I recently decided that my Resume is a bit one-dimensional.  It focuses on my particular involvement in the project, but doesn’t acknowledge the overall scope and goals of that effort.  I’ve decided to create Project Profiles to provide some of that context.  So far, I have created two but when I’m done, there should be a total of five.  Here are the ones I’ve completed:

They’re also accessible through the Resume menu above.

SAP’s Hierarchical Access Problem: The Whitelist Solution

If you’ve read past the title of this post, then you’re probably already familiar with SAP’s Hierarchical Access (HA) debacle. Long story short: SAP was sued for patent infringement in the US and they are now forced to disable one particular pricing feature for all of their US installations — the HA function. Therefore, this affects ALL of my clients.

Based on my personal experience, this feature isn’t widely used. And for those customers NOT using it, there is a relatively simple process to remove the feature, validate the removal and move onto more pressing matters. However, I recently encountered my first client who actively utilizes the HA function and the process becomes somewhat more involved.

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