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Meet my new app: SAP SD Reference Guide for WP8

Announcing one of the latest additions to the Windows Phone Store: the SAP SD Reference Guide. This is an app that I made using the App Studio (detailed on my blog here). As of this afternoon, my app officially gained certification and is now available in the Windows Phone Store. For more information, please visit my Apps page.

Windows Phone 8: Microsoft App Studio Impressions

In an effort to bolster its volume of Windows Phone 8 apps, Microsoft has introduced a web-based front end to help prospective app developers fasttrack their application development.  The Windows Phone App Studio offers beginners a selection of templates to hit the ground running.  Slightly more experienced users can start from a (nearly) blank slate.  Point-and-click setup allows you to link your application with several pre-defined data sources like HTML5, static content, streaming web content, RSS feeds, and Bing content.  Application design is as easy as selecting a color pallet and background images from either a selection of delivered options or your own images from your local system or SkyDrive.  In the rest of this article, I’ll introduce some of the features and provide some of my impressions.

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From iphone to Windows Phone 8: The App Hit List (Part 2)

It’s been about three months since I released my original App Hit List — a cursory look at whether the apps I had become accustomed to on the iPhone exist (or have replacements) in the Windows Phone 8 ecosystem.  At the time, I was a bit surprised to find that many of the apps that I found to be critical had identical or good replacements.  After three months, I want to revisit the list to see how things have changed.

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From iphone to Windows Phone 8: The App Hit List

As I have previously reported, I made the jump to Windows Phone with the recent purchase of a Lumia 920 on AT&T.  One of the major criticisms of the WP8 platform is, of course, the availability of Apps.  Admittedly, I am not an App power user, but I still have needs, you know.  But to help me track expectations, I have decided to catalog all the iPhone apps that I currently use on a weekly basis.  Along side this list, I will track the similar/replacement WP8 apps.  Read on for the details.

UPDATE (8/8):  In the past few weeks, a number of apps were released on WP8, one of which is for my family’s main bank.  This app appears to bring all the functionality of its iOS cousin including mobile check deposit.  This is a major win.  Thought it was not listed below, an app for the FitBit device was also released.  This brings a bit more convenience to the FitBit reporting which, otherwise, is accessible on the web.  Double-score.  All of this goes to my point that the WP8 ecosystem is constantly evolving and improving on a day-to-day basis. Continue reading From iphone to Windows Phone 8: The App Hit List