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What I Use: On My Website…

I’ve been working on several SAP articles — including an ‘Ask Me Anything’ on packing proposals and a series on Backorders — but I wanted to share a few details about what I use to run my website.  Read on for details on hosting, WordPress, and plugins.

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IE 11: Pin a Website as a Live Tile to Your Start Screen

The developer preview release of Windows Phone 8.1 this week brings along with it Internet Explorer 11.  IE 11 has been a fixture on Windows 8.1 for quite a while, and it’s good to see Microsoft continuing efforts to expand integration between its platforms. One such feature of IE 11 which I am glad to see brought to Windows Phone 8.1 is the ability to pin websites to the start screen as an RSS-driven Live Tile.  Read on to learn what the capabilities are and how to implement them on your own website.

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Microsoft Web Matrix 2

First off, I haven’t called myself a Web Developer in quite a while. My first job out of college involved some light ASP-based web dev work using Visual Studio and SQL Server. That work inspired me to create my own content management system. It was hosted on my own PC using MS IIS and MS Access. I even had a static IP address provided by my ISP at the time.
Recently, I’ve been getting back into doing some web design work. Nothing fancy — just some WordPress templates, CSS, HTML5. I was looking for a good tool to facilitate this work and I stumbled upon Microsoft’s Web Matrix product, a freeware development tool encompassing several different web technologies.  A few comments and first impressions after the break.

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