SAP SD Reference Guide: Number Range Objects

Nothing brings SAP processes to a screeching halt like running out of document numbers in your number range.  It’s a good idea to periodically take stock — perhaps annually — of your document number ranges to ensure you have plenty of room to grow in the coming months and years.  Below you will find some common number range objects relating to SD processes.  You can check out the related ranges by  navigating here:

Transaction SNUM –> Input or select your object –>  Select the “Ranges” button –> Select the “Intervals” button

Object    Short Text    Long Text
DEBITOR Customer Customer Number Ranges
EDIDOC EDI no. Number range for intermediate document
EXPIMP Export/import Number range for export/import
KOND Mat. determination Material determination – internal number allocation
KONH Master conditions Number ranges for master conditions
KONV Document conditions Number ranges for document conditions
RV_BELEG SD Documents Number ranges for SD documents
RV_EXPORT FT: Legal control FT: Legal control: Number range for license master
RV_SAMMG Collect.processing Number ranges for groups of sales and distribution documents
RV_SANCPL FT: Legal ctrl: SL FT: Legal control: Number range for sanct. party master
RV_SET SET Sales Documents SET Number Ranges for Sales Documents
RV_TRANSPO Shipments Shipment Number Range
RV_VEKP Shipping Units Number Ranges for Shipping Units
STUEK Sales order BOM Number ranges for sales order BOMs
VKP_KABE VKP calc. doc. Sales Price Calculations: Pricing Document

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