Announcing: DaftCraft Minecraft Bedrock Server

Minecraft has become a staple in our household. Following the release of a free Bedrock Server by the developer, Mojang, I decided to stand one up and see how it goes. For more information or for information on joining the community, check out this page.

GTA V Crew: ‘SAP Consultants’

Rarely do the worlds of online gaming and SAP consulting collide, but I would like to take a moment and depart from my usual subject matter of SAP, Microsoft, and avocados.  In the spirit of my “work hard, play hard” mantra, one of my favorite ways to escape the daily grind of work and parenthood is by descending into the backstreets and alleyways of Los Santos in the popular game Grand Theft Auto V.  Please don’t judge me for my choice of entertainment; the game is excessively vulgar and violent.  But the depth and breadth of gameplay is unprecedented and quite impressive. It truly delivers an immersive world where you can embrace your inner gun-toting gangster.

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