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From iphone to Windows Phone 8: The App Hit List (Part 2)

It’s been about three months since I released my original App Hit List — a cursory look at whether the apps I had become accustomed to on the iPhone exist (or have replacements) in the Windows Phone 8 ecosystem.  At the time, I was a bit surprised to find that many of the apps that I found to be critical had identical or good replacements.  After three months, I want to revisit the list to see how things have changed.

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How Apple Can Win The Enterprise

‘The early bird gets the worm,” according to the old proverb.  Fortunately for Apple, this applies well to the current offering of SAP mobility options.  As an SAP consultant, I have been witness to (and facilitated) a number of SAP mobility demos — ALL of which have featured Apple iOS devices.  As the company which first made tablets attractive to the enterprise, this honor is well deserved.  But seeing this trend got me to thinking…  With the past proliferation of Microsoft as the enterprise toolset of choice, how did this come to be?

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From iphone to Windows Phone 8: An Update (UPDATED AGAIN)

In a previous post, I detailed the reasons why I am tempted to switch from my iphone to a Windows Phone 8 device.  What I am discovering, however, is that it is a very frustrating time to be in the market for such a phone.  Continue reading for a few thoughts on the current state of my WP8 search.

UPDATE:  The Samsung event has come and gone.  While some interesting tablets and AIO PCs were announced, there is no ATIV Windows Phone.  Opportunity #1 is gone.

UPDATE 2:  The MS Build 2013 conference is into its last day, but I am going to go ahead and call this ‘Missed Opportunity #2’.  Unfortunately, it sounds like the Windows Phone developers attending the conference will be disappointed as well, since the expected WP 8.1 update was not even a footnote.  I guess Windows 8.1 stole the show.

UPDATE 3 (7/11/13):  Much to nobody’s surprise, Nokia unveiled a new 41-megapixel Windows Phone this morning.  Also not surprising is that it will be available in the US exclusively on AT&T.  While I don’t consider myself a ‘shutter bug’, this would mostly likely be my next phone if I decided to jump ship from Verizon to AT&T.  I’m still maintaining my holding pattern for the time being.

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From iphone to Windows Phone 8: An Introduction

Like most people, my mobile communications history can be split into two segments:  before iphone and after iphone.  I purchase a first generation iphone back in 2007, soon after it was released. I’m not typically an early adopter, but that device fit perfectly.  At the time, I was traveling for work every week and needed a device that could not only help me stay in touch but also provide internet access and serve up music and videos while sitting for hours on the plane.  It certainly made my previous Sony-Ericsson “smart phone” look pretty dumb.

Fast forward to 2013.  I am now on my third iphone, a Verizon supported iphone 4.  While I am still happy with the phone — a very capable device — I am not feeling any desire to upgrade to the iphone 5.  Every day, it’s looking more and more like the rest of the mobile communications companies have finally caught up to Apple — and I’m sure some would even say “surpassed”.  Last year, I decided that it’s time to finally start looking around to see if there’s a better fit out there.

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