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Windows Phone 8.1: Leaps Forward

Thanks to their “Developer Preview” program, Microsoft is allowing a wide array of users access to its latest version of the Windows Phone OS:  Version 8.1.  This release is greatly anticipated by the Windows Phone community and is widely regarded as an important step in bringing Windows Phone into alignment with what competitors are offering.  With a milestone as great as this one, I though that it would be a good time to dust off my Windows Phone 8 Gripe List and see how Microsoft has done in addressing my own concerns.

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Windows Phone 8: Areas for Improvement

As you may know, I have already taken the plunge into the world of Windows Phone 8 with a recent purchase of a new Nokia Lumia 920.  After a few solid weeks of use, I have made a small list of gripes areas for improvement regarding the Windows Phone 8 OS (and none of them are related to app availability).

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