From iphone to Windows Phone 8: An Update (UPDATED AGAIN)

In a previous post, I detailed the reasons why I am tempted to switch from my iphone to a Windows Phone 8 device.  What I am discovering, however, is that it is a very frustrating time to be in the market for such a phone.  Continue reading for a few thoughts on the current state of my WP8 search.

UPDATE:  The Samsung event has come and gone.  While some interesting tablets and AIO PCs were announced, there is no ATIV Windows Phone.  Opportunity #1 is gone.

UPDATE 2:  The MS Build 2013 conference is into its last day, but I am going to go ahead and call this ‘Missed Opportunity #2’.  Unfortunately, it sounds like the Windows Phone developers attending the conference will be disappointed as well, since the expected WP 8.1 update was not even a footnote.  I guess Windows 8.1 stole the show.

UPDATE 3 (7/11/13):  Much to nobody’s surprise, Nokia unveiled a new 41-megapixel Windows Phone this morning.  Also not surprising is that it will be available in the US exclusively on AT&T.  While I don’t consider myself a ‘shutter bug’, this would mostly likely be my next phone if I decided to jump ship from Verizon to AT&T.  I’m still maintaining my holding pattern for the time being.

Initially, I was excited about the introduction of the Lumia 928 on Verizon’s network.  But after reading an exhaustive list of reviews, my excitement has waned.  I am concerned mostly for tro reasons:  (a) the phone’s rather bulky girth, and (b) the fact that the phone is based of a 6-month old design.  I am VERY glad that I have refrained from making a purchase.  I read this mornign that the 928 is available on Amazon for less than $30 on contract — a sign that either the demand for this device is low or that something bigger is on the way.  At any rate, the search goes on.

Apart from the release of the 928 — and its sibling, the 925 — there has been quite a lull in WP8 devices in recent months.  But there are opportunities to change all that with three upcoming events:  Samsung’s ATIV event this afternoon, Microsoft’s Build converence happening later this month, and Nokia’s “41” event next month.  Both Nokia’s and Samsung’s announcements are likely to introduce new phones. Whether they will be available in the US and whether they will be available on Verizon are yet to be answered.

In related news, it was revealed yesterday that Microsoft had been in acquisition discussions with Nokia as recently as this month.  The most surprising aspect to that revelation was the fact that talks broke down.  To me, Microsoft’s acquisition of Nokia makes perfect sense — almost a foregone conclusion.  What better way to fast-track its “surface phone” than through the acquisition of its largest WP8 partner. Now, MS will have to wait for its exclusivity agreement with Nokia to end before bringing its surface brand to the mobile phone market, lest they completely alienate their only flag bearer.

So, it’s back to the waiting game to see what this fall will bring in terms of WP8 options.  Only time will tell.

What say you?