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As a father to three young boys, playing Minecraft has become a common pastime.  Recently, the game’s developer, Mojang, released an Alpha version of its Bedrock Server.  The Bedrock server software — like it’s older Java Edition cousin — is free to download and use.  So I did.  I thought it might be fun to host my own multiplayer server and make it available to my readers who wish to join in.  Read on below for background and server connection info.

First, What is ‘Minecraft Bedrock Edition’?

Minecraft was first introduced ages ago and it was only available to run on a desktop computer.  This version has become known as  ‘Java Edition’ and is still quite popular.  However, Minecraft has since been released on a variety of other platforms including Android, Console, iOS, and Windows 10.  The same code base is used across these platforms and is collectively known as ‘Bedrock’.  My server will support the Bedrock family of platforms.

Next, A Few Notes

  1. This server software is considered ‘Alpha’ which means it is a test version.  As with any Alpha code, it is subject to instability, bugs, and inconsistencies which may make for an interesting game play experience.  There are no guarantees here, so don’t get too attached to your builds.
  2. I am hosting this server myself and I am not sure about what sort of performance we can expect.  For the time being, I am limiting the server to a maximum of 10 concurrent connections.  If you do join, please provide feedback in the comments section on this page to let me know how it goes.  Also, there will be other network traffic while we work, download, and stream video, so some lag should be expected at times.  Let me know what you experience.
  3. I am new to server administration, but I will try my best to manage the server well.  For starters, I will only have daily backups so if anything DOES happen, it may result in some lost progress.
  4. I only play ‘Vanilla Survival’.  Difficulty is set to ‘Normal’.  No mods at this time.


  1. Be nice.  This is a friendly co-op server with young kids playing along.
  2. No griefing.  Be respectful of other people’s builds and designated areas.
  3. No stealing.  …but please understand that young kids may steal your stuff.  You may want to hide any valuables.  😉
  4. If we get some decent activity on the server, I may setup a web form on this page to allow private feedback to be submitted.

For now, the server is Public.  Depending on how things go, it may become private, at which point access will have to be granted.  Let’s see how it goes.

Happy Crafting!


What say you?

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