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SAP: Finding text strings across ABAP programs (UPDATED)

As an SAP consultant focusing on functional configuration, I am not required to know much about ABAP.  If you’re lucky, there’s a developer within arm’s reach for handling technical efforts.  However, part of growing in your field is reaching out beyond your functional area to explore new avenues.  This ultimately makes you a better consultant.  I’m on a project currently — a divestiture of sorts — which must explore breaking apart Company Codes, Sales Organizations, and other elements.  One thing to consider — especially for mature systems — is what custom objects may be tailored for the existing organization.  This helps determine what the impact will be when creating a new Sales Organization, for instance.  But, how do you find those elements?  More importantly, how can you find references to a specific value you’re trying to change? UPDATE: Thanks to input from commenter Pavel, I’ve added a new section at the very bottom of the article with updates in ECC 6.0.  Check it out. Continue reading SAP: Finding text strings across ABAP programs (UPDATED)